The Only Solution For Black People In America Is To Separate From The System Of White Supremacy And Build Our Own Systems

The only solution for Black people in America is to completely separate from the system of white supremacy – mind, body, and soul – and manifest our own system that produces justice, power, and peace to the melanated peoples of this country, and throughout planet earth.

For too long, we have held on to the notion that our oppressors, our captors, our former slave masters have a human conscious.

So we beg, cry, plead, and protest, hoping “they” will realize the unusual cruelty of their ways and….change. For 400 plus years we have been thoroughly disappointed. It is this reason why I find it incredibly strange that the masses of black people still believe the forked toungue lies and empty promises of white america.

All of a sudden, major corporations that are not owned or managed by black people (whom also have historically “robbed” black communities across this nation) are now speaking up about social injustice, even making large donations to fight social injustice. Whatever that means. Their efforts are just as disingenuous as every single blabbering lie that oozes out of the mouth of Donald J. Trump.

These corporations could care less about the general well being of the black community. If you can’t see by now, these are rudimentary attempts to pacify righteously angered Black Americans. They want to appear to be “on the right side of history” so they can continue generating revenues and continue exploiting the black communities they occupy when all of this settles down.

The global protest sparked by the recent murders of Black Americans by American police have inspired millions from different races and cultures to join together and tell the world “Black Lives Matter”. Which in itself is also strange, because most of the people of this planet are “black” (melanated) so this should be common sense.

Here’s what I mean, the fathers of civilization and the mothers of humanity are black (melanated). Of course “Black Lives Matter”, if it wasn’t for us there would no humanity or civilization. So it’s strange because it seems we are trying to convince the people whom our ancestors civilized out of the grotesque realities of the caucasus mountains that our life matters. They know our lives have value and importance, that’s why they are always so “scared”, that’s why try to kill us!

Since these protests begin, subtle changes have been made all across American police departments. More and more officers are being exposed for their intentional and repetitive brutality. Certain weapons and restraining methods are being banned. Whatever sense of accomplishment from those minor victories are overshadowed by an ever-present system of white supremacy ingrained into the fabric of America.

The white protestors in the streets screaming “Black Lives Matters” is not a sign of things getting better for us, although it is a sign that white people are fighting amongst themselves more and more. The average white family is now thoroughly divided between those who want change, and those who do not. Even if they recognize the systematic oppression, they are still apart of that systemic oppression as long as the system of white supremacy is still in place.

White guilt does NOT build black power.

The President of the United States has made it crystal clear that he will support and defend the system of white supremacy with every ounce of his being. Keep in mind that this tyrannical, racist, pedophile was VOTED in by millions of Americans who think and feel just like him. Those people, are also apart of the system of white supremacy.

So tell me black people, do you ever you think we will appeal to the moral consciousness of a country, a system, a government that is determined to keep us oppressed by any means necessary? Are we supposed to wait until they change their minds and decide that black lives really do matter? And if we are supposed to wait, isn’t 400 plus years long enough?

Separation is the key. Everything starts in the mind, including the revolution. Before the physical system of white supremacy can be dismantled the mental system must be dismantled. In other words, we must free our minds before we can free our bodies.

I believe that once we detach our mind and spirit from the system of white supremacy we’ve been born into and remove our dependency upon that system and it’s conveniences we will have a sense of empowerment that will fuel constructive collective progress for all of the melanated peoples of america and the world for years to come.

Black people are not the property of white america or the system of white supremacy. We don’t need to be attached at the hip to America’s systems and philosophies. We are free human beings.

The “separation” I’m talking about has nothing to do with hating white skin, it’s about freedom from white supremacy. It is separating from a terroristic mindset. The color or reccessive appearance of Caucasians is not the problem, it is the white supremacist mindset operating in most if not all caucasians that is the problem.

The system of white supremacy and the mindset of the white supremacist will destroy the entire planet and everything on it if it is not stopped. It has already done seemingly irreparable damage to every living species of life that exists on this planet. This is why we must rid ourselves, as melanated people, of any white supremacists traits or characteristics that we’ve consciously or unconsciously adopted during our subjugation in America.

It is dishonorable to ourselves as human beings and our ancestors to willingly participate and protect a system that has brought so much death, poverty and famine to the planet and it’s original peoples.

We can love ourselves, think for ourselves, and do for ourselves. We can be self-sufficient and self-sustaining as a people. But we can’t do any of that if we sit back and expect “the white man” to take care of us and make everything ok.

If our lives matter so much then we should assume control of ourselves, instead of leaving our lives in the hands of a such a barbaric people and a racist government that has proven time and time again that they are able and willing to murder us any place, any time, for any reason.

Bob Marley said, “none but ourselves can free our minds”. We free our minds, that liberation will manifest itself in the physical reality.

Black people, and other melanated peoples have lived on planet earth in a civilized fashion for millions of years before Caucasians even existed. I’m certain, if given the chance to get away from the oppression and institutionalized racism brought on by the system of white supremacy we can restore elements of our indigenous cultures that encourage us to thrive on earth with nature and the universe without any help, guidance, or assistance from “them”.

If we want peace, power, justice and abundance we will not find it in the system of white supremacy. They will not just give us our freedom.

We must separate, starting with our minds…

We must love ourselves. Think for ourselves. Do for ourselves.

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