NFAC Black Militia Organizes In Louisville, Kentucky To Get Justice For Breonna Taylor

The Black Militia known as the NFAC, lead by Grandmaster Jay, has organized in large numbers in Louisville, Kentucky to demand justice for Breonna Taylor.

Since the death of George Floyd protestors nationwide have marched and protested for justice, generally unarmed, against the barbaric American police force and the system of white supremacy. Those days of unarmed peaceful protests are over, as you can see, Grandmaster Jay and the NFAC is not f*cking around.

Those pleas and cries for justice have been unheard. Such as in the case of Breonna Taylor who was murdered in her sleep by police, her killers are still walking free, despite nationwide protests.

The NFAC, like other Black militias, have sprouted all across America as a direct response to America’s non-urgent response to the unrelenting brutality of Black people at the hands of police.

Photo Source: @phillipmbailey (Twitter)