Physical Fitness Is Important To The Success Of Black Leadership, Revolutions, & Civilizations

Harriet Tubman was at a physical fitness level fit to travel thousands of miles throughout her life, mostly on foot, in dangerous territory, with limited resources, and save many lives. If Tubman would’ve been overweight, do you think she could’ve physically been able to free so many people?

Malcolm X’s routine of one meal a day encouraged by Elijah Muhammad helped him maintain a low body fat level, this certainly must’ve made it easier to be on the move every day. It would’ve been hard to keep up with his insanely busy schedule of teaching classes, building mosques across America, and speaking at rallies if he were weighed down from over eating.

The point is, your health and physical conditioning plays a role in the effectiveness of your efforts for revolution, liberation, and justice.

Look at dealing with police brutality for example. Becoming physically fit is one way to fight against police brutality, literally.

I’m not saying getting a six-pack will stop you from being targeted or shot at by police officers, but it does put you in a much better circumstance to physically defend yourself if necessary.

The focus is then on whether or not you CHOOSE to defend yourself, not are you in a physical condition to defend yourself or not.

‘Fighting the power’ requires energy.

Protesting against the system, marching against brutality, organizing thousands and millions of people, building new systems and civilizations, and dealing with physical confrontations require people whom are at a health and fitness level to participate.

Getting in shape should no longer be a matter of choice for black people in America, but rather a necessity. Especially if you call yourself an activist or a revolutionary.

Being healthy and maintaining physical fitness is revolutionary, it’s empowering, it’s Black power.

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