The Prison Industrial Complex Turns Black Americans Into Modern Day Slaves

Why Many Return To Prison

(This Article Submission By Dominick Quarles Was Originally Published In 2013)

Peace be unto you reader. Today, I would like to take a look into why so many of our brothers and sisters who go to prison, and are released, end up going back.

Let’s start by looking at what takes place when one is incarcerated. Upon incarceration you are set on a scheduled routine, that is pre-constructed for you: what time to get up in the morning, what time to eat your meals, where you can and cannot go, what you can and cannot do, what time to go to work, all the way down to what time you go to bed. Now, this individual has conformed to this pre-constructed schedule for years, and is then released back into society. In society, there is no pre-constructed scheduled routine to follow, except the ones we may lay for ourselves. That individual will now have to learn how to begin building their own structured routine. But here’s the problem: that person is years behind in society. Life on the outside is like a whole new world to them, which they must now conform to.

Now, let’s take a quick trip back in time to when slavery was abolished. The now former slaves have their freedom, but they have little to no money, hardly no education, no land or property, and are far behind the people in society, who they are now forced to compete with, in order to thrive and survive economically. Therefore, a lot of the slaves went back or simply stayed with their former slave masters, because they did not know how to survive without the structure in which they were accustomed to. Remember, slavery was not personal, but business.

So, let’s jump to the present time, 2013. Does anyone else see the psychological familiarity in the two, the former inmate and the former slave? Prisons are also businesses. Penal labor is classified as contemporary slavery, which translate to: the present time, the keeping of slaves as a practice or institution. You may be saying to yourself “I thought slavery was abolished”! Chattel slavery was abolished, meaning, no human being can have ownership of another human being. Now here is how they were able to pull it off: prisons are owned by corporations, and corporations are legal entities that can operate as a human being does business wise. It is a legal body without a soul. It is responsible for itself, just as a person. By the entity being nothing more than a piece of paper with legal rights, itself can own or have slaves because it is not a human being having ownership over another human. See how they have deceived us for years?

The laws are designed to create slaves. How I observe it, the reason for the concentration of the police in the black communities, and the mass arrest and incarceration of the young black male and the young black female is to begin structuring them to the institutions of contemporary slavery, conforming them to become the modern day slaves in captivity. Have them conform to structure, something that they may not be use to having in their lives. It’s nothing personal…it business. To be continued….

As usual, I thank you for taking time to read this and I hope that we, as a people, can espouse unity with ourselves. As I leave, I want to leave you, the reader(s), with words of peace. So I say to you all, As-salamu-alaykumu!

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