August 9, 2020

Learn From Black History To Develop New Updated Strategies For Modern Problems

It appears that a lot black people that become “conscious” become obsessed with the way we used to do things. Don’t misunderstand me, I am a full supporter of learning about black history, world history and any other history that will help us understand who and where we are as a unit and how we got here. Hear me out. I’m suggesting that we compile all of the data we’ve learned to come up with new solutions to problems we face today.

One day, I was listening to Neely Fuller Jr. talk on a podcast with the “Victor of R.W.S” YouTube Channel and he said something that made me rethink some things. Paraphrasing, he was talking from the perspective of a white supremacist and he said something like ‘now go ahead and tell me all about how you built the pyramids before I kill you and your buddy over there’. It made me realize the ugly truth about our particular situation.

We can brag about our melanin, how we built the pyramids, how we’re the original people, how we created this and that, but how are all these superior qualities helping black people now?

What is it that we aren’t doing right? What are we missing? If we know all of these things how can we USE this knowledge to better our situation as a people, and eventually end the system of white supremacy all together?

This helped me realize that we as a people have made many mistakes that ultimately have lead us to the devastating situation we’re in now.

With that in mind, is it really wise to copy what the ancestors did? I mean, if we ‘built the pyramids’ but now we’re second class citizens living in unfavorable conditions then perhaps somewhere along the way we made a mistake, or a lot of them.

I’ve decided for myself that I will learn everything that the ancestors did and try to determine what worked and what didn’t work.

This is about evolution. We are today, and we are the future. Using techniques from 2,000 years ago may not always be effective in today’s society.

It’s up to us to experiment with the knowledge and techniques of the past and determine NEW methods and practices that will liberate us from this awful condition.

We have to pick up where our ancestors went wrong. We have to learn from our mistakes.

There are new innovative ways of oppressing us created everyday by the system of white supremacy, so we should have new innovative ways of dealing with the problems that face us individually and collectively.

Jason Williams
Jason Williams

Founder and Primary Author of A Curious Melanated Mind, Writer, Reader, Husband, Father, and Student Of Everything In Life.