Black Mother Was Told Her Newborn Died, Only To Find Out Her Baby Was Given To A White Family For Adoption

(Bryan Rolli, DAILYDOT.COM) – A Black mother who was allegedly told her newborn daughter died at the hospital is demanding to know the truth after learning she has an open adoption with a white woman.

Damea Morris shared her story on Facebook this week, and it quickly went viral. Morris says on Sept. 6, 2017, she gave birth to a daughter, RaeLa, at her home.

RaeLa’s father went to fetch help and came home with another woman who helped her until paramedics arrived. The woman, who was not a doctor herself, allegedly told Morris she couldn’t breastfeed RaeLa because the baby wasn’t breathing.

Morris says when paramedics arrived, they cut the umbilical cord, at which point RaeLa started to cry. They transported Morris and her daughter to St. Joseph’s Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota.

When they were at the hospital, doctors allegedly told Morris her baby had died but did not produce a death certificate. 

At a later date, Morris said she pursued legal help to obtain a death certificate and learned she had an adoption open with a woman named Joanna Lentner.