August 14, 2020

Conscious Melanated Minds Maintain A Supreme Circumstance As Gods Of The Universe

It is our nature as melanated people with melanated minds to be Gods & Goddesses.

Photo: Masiyaleti Mbewe

We are physical manifestations of the infinitely expanding creative force of the universe. We are made of the black, transmutable, life-bringing, multi-dimensional, super conductive substance of the universe. There is nothing we should be afraid of, there’s nothing we can’t do, because the universe is mental and the mind is all.

Jason Williams,

A melanated mind with knowledge of self and the universe has the potential to function as God, a supreme force or power.

If you have no knowledge, wisdom, and understanding it doesn’t matter how much melanin you have. Melanated peoples will always have the potential to function as a god, however without knowledge of self you’ll have an incredibly difficult time accessing any true power from within.

This is because once you understand the nature and power of yourself you start to see the nature and power of everything else and how everything is somehow connected to each other. This wisdom will allow build and destroy more effectively, and rule your universe with equality.

Our collective consciousness is the very force that expands the infinite universe and has created this holographic projection we call reality. The first realm of creation is in our imagination, where ideas are born and molded to suit our intentions and desires.

Everything in existence first came from this ‘imaginary’ world, the subconscious mind. What we see with our human eyes are these thoughts, decreasing in vibration speed exponentially, manifesting in this dimension.

The real us is not the physical body. The melanated shell we are renting from the physical realm is a vessel to carry the soul, the light within, the spark of the universe while we are in this slow vibrating dimension. The real us, the part of us that will never die resides in the subconscious mind, beneath the ego that gives us identity and purpose in this physical realm.

Let me be clear, when I say “We are Gods & Goddesses”, I am talking about the melanated man & woman. The ‘tip of the spear’ would certainly be the original man & woman, the Black Man & Woman, from which all peoples of the earth originate from. Nonetheless, the melanated families of the world all have common ancestral origins, unlike the descendants of caucasus cave dwellers.

This is less about skin color or race and more about genetics and science. Melanin is the key.

Contrary to popular belief, all people are not ‘the same’. Also, the constant downplay and degradation of melanin has lead to a serious misunderstanding of its true value and divine role in the universe.

Look at yourself melanated people. We are a reflection of nature and the universe.

  • Your body measurements align with the ‘golden ratio’ that governs the design of everything in the known universe.
  • Your eyes, the window to the soul, absorb light from the physical realm just like black holes do in outer space. They even look similar.
  • Your natural black hair, grows outwards into the infinite universe defying the laws of gravity and physics. It also grows like a tree, or a bush in nature. In other times, the electromagnetic energy in your hair cause the individual strands to ‘lock’ together forming something like a vine, or melanated rope of hair strands. When free forming, this strands will naturally create ‘locs’ that follow the supreme mathematics of the universe, the golden ratio.
  • Our fingerprints resemble the inside of a tree. Look at tree stump then look at your fingers and tell me what you see.
  • In our skin, our nervous system, our brain, and on our organs is the same black substance that glazes the entire universe. We are made of melanin; also known as carbon or dark matter.
  • Your conscious/subconscious mind is like a black hole, absorbing all light (information) that comes within your energy field. Your brain doesn’t get bigger because you learn more or add more information to it. Why not? Because information or memories are not stored in the brain, they are stored in your subconscious mind which exist outside the body in another dimension.
  • Your thoughts have the ability to restructure the atoms in the physical realm to create any reality that you intend or desire. This ability to manifest is dependent upon the amount of light you have within and the confidence you have to power your intentions.
  • When our brains are being scanned by specific advanced medical technologies, our thoughts light up areas of the brain the same way thunder lights up clouds in the sky.
  • Our DNA strands make the the same spiral as a galaxy from a distance, or as the endless things on this planet that are bound by the same golden ratio.

All this to say. We are Gods. Our collective consciousness is the same divine spark or force that created the galaxies and universe. That’s why we and the universe have so much in common. Just to be clear, this is not about race, but about genetics and alchemy.

People who are melanin sufficient are biologically capable of completely integrating (mind, body, and soul) with the universe, meanwhile people who are melanin deficient are completely out of tune with the universe, always struggling to get on track. Take it or leave it, the books and research is out there.

The black woman and man are the original humans, the archetypes of humanity, and are physical manifestations of the infinitely expanding creative force of the universe.

Any melanated mind with knowledge of self and the universe can function as a true and living God, a supreme force or power.

It is our nature to be Gods & Goddesses.

(This Article Is An Updated Version Of ‘We Are Gods: Black People Are Biological Reflections Of Nature & The Universe’ Written By Jason Williams Published On, September 12, 2019)

Jason Williams
Jason Williams

Founder and Primary Author of A Curious Melanated Mind, Writer, Reader, Husband, Father, and Student Of Everything In Life.