Neely Fuller Jr: Interracial Relationships (Non-White/White) Are A Tragic Arrangement

Oh boy, did I open up Pandora’s box on this one. Let’s get right in to it.

Neely Fuller Jr. is the author of the three books dedicated to understanding practical and applicable ways a non-white person could counter racism while the system of white supremacy is still active.

Neely Fuller Jr.

He has dedicated a majority of his life studying the system of race (white supremacy) and how that system could and should be replaced with a complete system of justice for all people in the known universe.

For those of you who don’t know who Neely Fuller Jr. is, let’s get you up to speed with a bio by Neely Fuller Jr himself found on

I, Neely Fuller, Jr., the writer/author of these books, like millions of others, have been a long-time Victim of and Servant to Racism (White Supremacy) in all areas of activity. My experiences, observations, and/or studies have led me to believe the following:

  • Racism has done more to promote non-justice than any other socio-material system known to have been produced or supported by the people of the known universe.
  • No major problem that exists between the people of the known universe can be eliminated, until Racism is eliminated.
  • The fear, frustration, malice, and confusion caused by Racism, retards or prevents all constructive activity between the people of the known universe.
  • The only form of functional Racism that exists among the people of the known universe is “White Supremacy.”
  • The people who have the ability to eliminate Racism, do not have the will to do so, and the people who have the will to do so, do not have the ability.
  • Regardless of all that has been said or done, the quality of the relationship between white people and black people is, and has been, a total disaster.
  • Justice is better than Racism.
  • As long as Racism exists, anything said or done by people that is not intended to help eliminate Racism and to help produce justice, is a waste of time and energy.

Each and every Victim of Racism should minimize the time and effort spent doing anything other than thinking, speaking, and acting in a manner that helps to eliminate Racism and helps to establish justice.

Each and every person should seek to do this every day, in every area of activity, including Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War/Counter-War.

Neely Fuller Jr. (

To hear Neely Fuller Jr. explain in his own words why he thinks interracial relationships between non-white and white people are a “tragic arrangement” (while the system of white supremacy is the dominant force on the planet) watch the video above.

Personally, although I may have felt differently in the past, I’ve developed a more mature understanding that’s similar to Mr. Fuller’s. I say this because every black man or woman I know and have known that is in a long term relationship with someone who classifies themselves as white ALWAYS sacrifices their own history, integrity, and self-respect on behalf of the white partner.

I’ve noticed that the longer a black person is with a white person (under the system of white supremacy) the black person will become more and more confused about the reality of racism and his/her necessary response to its relentless attacks.

This usually leads to the black males with white partners becoming less ‘rebellious’ or ‘vigilant’, and almost always end up defending the system of white supremacy and rejecting anything associated with black life or culture. The same goes for black women with white partners. I’ve also noticed the children of interracial relationships are not taught about racism (white supremacy) nor are they taught about black excellence to the same extent an all black household may be taught.

The children grow up confused by the reality they see, which does not coincide with the world their parents told them about. The children are not taught about melanin and its genetic dominance, they are told that everyone is the same just with a different skin tone.

Which is true to a degree but that rhetoric is usually used to ignore the fact that pale skin is a genetic melanin deficiency according to every respectable scientist on the planet who studies genes. Children have a right to know what is and what isn’t. They shouldn’t be shielded from the truth because your too afraid to speak on it or acknowledge it.

If these assertions are true, then perhaps interracial relationships between non-white and white people should not happen while the system of white supremacy is the dominate global force subjugating all non-white peoples of the universe to mistreatment and violence in every area of people activity.

Maybe once the system of white supremacy is no more, then the negative dynamics of that interracial relationship would be removed. It could be based on true love, in a world where there is justice for all peoples of the universe in every area of activity.

Until then, I believe Neely Fuller Jr. is right, interracial relationships between non-white and white people while the system of white supremacy is the dominating force on the planet could only be a tragedy, particularly for the non-white person.