The Average Black Person Has Almost $40 Million Worth Of Melanin In Their Body

Melanin is worth more than gold.

Melanated human beings are worth more than gold.

The average melanated human contains millions of dollars worth of Melanin.

VWR, a subsidiary of Avantor, is a “trusted global partner to customers and suppliers in the life sciences and advanced technologies & applied materials industries.” They offer an “extensive portfolio of mission-critical products, services and solutions to laboratory and production customers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial, education, government and healthcare industries”. One of those products is Melanin, for $460.53 per gram.


As of June 30, the price of Gold according APMEX, the leading Precious Metals dealer in the United States, was $57.74 per gram. Even if the price of gold has changed in past few months, melanin is still worth much more than gold.

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So how much is a melanated human worth? Let’s do the math on a melanated person who weighs 180 pounds.

180 pounds equals 81646.6 grams. VWR is selling melanin for $460.53 per gram, that must be the going rate, a competitive rate.

81646.6 grams times $460.53 per gram equals $37,600,708.69, almost $40 Million.

Even if only half of the human mass can be used for melanin extraction, that’s still a little over $18 Million worth of Melanin in an 180 pound body.

Imagine someone who weighs more than 180 pounds. 200? 300? Of course this is an estimation, but regardless we’re talking millions of dollars worth of Melanin.

How do they get acquire Melanin? Melanin can be extracted from plants, animals, and humans.

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Humans appear to be the most potent source of Melanin.

William John Young, an English Biochemist, wrote a report in 1920 titled “The Extraction Of Melanin From The Skin With Dilute Alkali” where he details step-by-step how to extract melanin from black people.

Young wrote, “It was found that if the skin were soaked in boiling water, the outer layer, which contained practically all of the pigment, could be readily removed by scraping. This layer (200g.) was washed with alcohol and ether to remove grease, and was boiled with 100c. of N/20 sodium hydroxide for one hour under a reflux condenser. It was allowed to settle and the dark liquid decanted and filtered.”

This extraction method is over 100 years old, there is certainly much more effective methods of extracting melanin from humans with modern technology.

The demand for Melanin has increased dramatically since Young’s report. The Military and other corporate entities have big plans for Melanin technologies, and melanated humans are the most potent source.

Every black and brown (melanated) person on the planet is carrying millions of dollars worth of melanin in their body.

How much is your melanated body worth? And how far are some willing to go to extract it from melanated people?

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