August 19, 2020

You Should Never Be Ashamed Of Your Natural Black Hair, Embrace It

“Nappy” should make you happy.

If you follow a Eurocentric standard of beauty it could destroy your self-esteem as a melanated man or woman.

You will learn to hate your melanin, wish your hair was straight, and try to become something you are not.

Listen here, contrary to popular belief having “nappy” hair is actually a dominant trait. Genetically speaking, having straight blonde hair is a recessive trait. So while America tries to make you feel ashamed or out of place for having natural black hair remember that the original humans on planet earth had “nappy” hair.

I’ve noticed a trend over the past 5-10 years or so of a lot more black people embracing their natural self again. These days it’s no strange thing to find important public figures, politicians or just ordinary citizens with locs, a natural fro, or some sort of unique afrocentric hair style.

Don’t get me wrong, wear whatever hairstyle suits you best.

However, when you embrace the NATURAL you there are many positive psychological benefits. It plays a significant role in reversing the negative self image of African qualities that America and other Eurocentric societies promote.

You shouldn’t ever feel like you can’t progress in society because you have natural black hair.

Walk in to that job interview with pride.

Go to that wedding in style.

Do your presentation with confidence.

Whatever it is, your hair style should not be the primary concern.

The point is…embrace your true self. You should never be ashamed to be you.

Jason Williams
Jason Williams

Founder and Primary Author of A Curious Melanated Mind, Writer, Reader, Husband, Father, and Student Of Everything In Life.


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