Wake Up: The “Illuminati” Has No Power Except Your Fear Of Them

First off, those old white men in the secret societies are not “illuminated”.

They have a lot of money and they hate every thing that isn’t white and rich, but they are not almighty, powerful super villains.

When it comes down to it, they are disgruntled descendants of cave dwellers that are desperately trying to prove to the melanated world that they are important and worthy.

Seriously folks, some of y’all talk about these old caucazoids like they are God. I thought you were “God” Black Man and Black Woman, that’s what you say.

So how then could melanin deficient descendants of cave dwellers who had to be “civilized” by our ancestors convince you that they have all the power and you are helpless and hopeless.

They even use our ancestors symbols to scare us. Where the hell you think they got the “all seeing eye” from and the pyramid they flaunt? It’s ours!

They’ve tried EVERYTHING and we’re still here: slavery, rape, prison, murder, chemtrails, poisoned the food, poisoned the water, vaccines, brainwashing, and the list goes on and on. All that effort to kill us yet THEY are the ones having trouble keeping a positive birth rate.

Besides if they really had something really powerful they would only need to use one thing, not a thousand. Obviously whatever they’re trying is not working. So why the f*ck are you afraid? As long as we operate from a foundation of fear they will continue to control and manipulate us.

All you fake “woke” people out there must’ve forgot or not have even understood what’s going on and who we are. You dress and act like the most profound conscious people, only to be exposed as a fraud in a cheap costume.

Here’s the real: We are physical manifestations of the infinitely expanding creative force of the universe. We are made of the black, transmutable, life-bringing, multi-dimensional, super conductive substance of the universe.

We have souls contained within our melanated shells, like a sun in a universe.

Don’t confuse this temporary physical experience as the end of the real us, our souls. There’s nothing we should be afraid of, there’s nothing we can’t do because the universe is mental and the mind is all.

Some might say, “But we live in PHYSICAL world, and they have real weapons! We just can’t think the system of white supremacy away!”

This is far from truth, and to think that shows a complete lack of understanding on how reality actually works.

This physical realm is a series of slow vibrating atoms that can be manipulated at will with our minds, our consciousness is the first reality where all things began, and death is only the beginning of a new experience.

The entire system of white supremacy was once just a thought, an idea. Until enough energy was put into it. The through the power of planning and visualization the system, which use to be an idea, became a physical reality.

If we focus on emotionally responding to their physical manifestations then we will never take the time to develop our own ideas and systems. Our energy will be used for defense, rather than offense. If we do that we will always be two steps behind because like I said earlier, the physical realm is secondary to the mental realm. Everything around you started off as an invisible idea.

What is it they can do that we can’t? What have they done that our ancestors haven’t done already? If we destroy the internal slave mind and start thinking like a supreme creator we could manifest our ideas into this reality with terrific speed. Technologies. Economies. Armies. Whatever it is, if used our energy to build rather than be afraid we could do anything.

We shouldn’t be worried about some deteriorating caucazoids with fake money, extreme paranoia, an outrageous inferiority complex, and a melanin deficiency that makes them completely disabled from harnessing ANY power from the infinite universe.

I am a GOD. So are you melanated man and woman. Stop being afraid of a secret club of cavemen. We that have a soul (a sun) control this reality, not them. Soon as enough of us get that, it will manifest in the physical realm. Their only power is your fear of them, stop fearing them and they have no power.

In fact the primary source of their power is the energy you give them by being afraid. Protect your energy and don’t let it be used against you.