How Can You Trust A System That Destroyed The Planet And Murders Billions Of Melanated Indigenous Peoples Around The World?

“The U.S. federal government entered into more than 500 treaties with Indian nations from 1778 to 1871; every one of them was “broken, changed or nullified when it served the government’s interests.”

Helen Oliff, ‘Treaties Made, Treaties Broken

Michael Bradley, author of The Iceman Inheritance (1978) speaks on how the tragic system of white supremacy has destroyed indigenous civilizations and depleted earth’s resources.

“I will propose in this essay that the white race possesses an atypical level of aggression. Whether this characteristic is a ‘superiority’ or ‘inferiority’ depends solely upon environmental conditions.

I suppose that from 30,000 B.P. (Before Present) until now, abnormal Caucasoid aggression must be judged to have been a ‘superiority’. The Caucasoids manifestly expanded culturally and geographically, often at the expense of other races of men. That is the objective biological criterion of evolutionary success. Under the environmental conditions of a relatively empty and resource-rich world, Caucasoid aggression proved supportable, viable, and successful.

But the environmental conditions have changed. The earth is scarred by 30,000 years of Caucasoid aggression. It is no longer resource-rich, it is impoverished. Caucasoid aggression has developed weapons capable of destroying it. It seems obvious that Caucasoid characteristics are no longer supportable, no longer viable. Our proclivities can no longer be judged ‘superior’. On the contrary, we seem to be rapidly becoming ‘inferior’ compared to other races of men. Caucasian predispositions are too expensive, biologically, in a resource-rich world.”

Although Bradley suggests this was due to a biological hyper-aggression formed in the caucazoid collective during a major ice age thousands of years ago, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing leads us to understand that the foundation of ‘white supremacy’ and racism white genetic survival amongst the dominant melanated masses.

It should be understood that if the system of white supremacy had a headquarters, a home base, it would certainly be America. The American system has broken just about every international agreement, treaty, contract with every country on the planet.

In an article from 2018 titled ‘It’s not just Trump. The US has always broken its treaties, pacts and promises‘ Geopolitics reporter Annalisa Merelli writes, “Well, the US is an unreliable international partner—and it has long been one, even before the current administration pulled out from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Paris agreement on climate change, and threatened to end NAFTA. History is dotted with treaties that the US has signed but not ratified, signed and then unsigned, and even refused to sign after pushing everyone else to sign.

Capriciousness about international treaties is an old US tradition. It starts with the country’s very creation: hundreds of treaties signed with Native American tribes that were either broken, or not ratified. Today, the US is one of the countries to have ratified the fewest number of international human rights treaties—of the 18 agreements passed by the UN, America has only ratified five.”

So this American system, governed by the urgency to secure white genetic survival, is supposed to help you and me find peace and power? Are you serious?

You think it really matters, as a melanated individual, if you are a democrat or republican? A liberal or conservative?

Black and brown people involved in American politics in ANY way are used either consciously or unconsciously to further the agenda and campaign of systematic white supremacy. On the outside it may look like you are supporting a sincere melanated mind ‘trying to make a difference’, but in reality your participation in their game is leveraged to achieve goals that are not your own, nor of the communities these representatives claim to serve.

It’s also important to understand that everywhere they claim that is outside of the Caucasus mountain area is invaded territory. Everywhere they went black and brown people where already there.

National Geographic reported a few years ago that European ancestry can only be traced back about 7,000 or so years. Even if you go by Bradley’s 30,000 year timeline that still means that “white people” are a recent addition to millions of years old human family. The only place on the entire planet you would a find a community of blond-haired, blue-eyed, hyper-aggressive, pale skinned, recessive gene caucazoids 7,000 years ago was in the areas around the Caucasus Mountains. Now they are everywhere trying to control everything.

7,000 years later there is a caucasian man, a caucasian military, a caucasian business, a caucasian agenda on almost every piece of planet earth previously cultivated and maintained by indigenous civilizations. Keeping in mind archeologists continue to find remains of human bones dating back millions of years. Black (melanated) people have thrived and civilized on this planet with much success and excellence before we ever had to convince one caucazoid that “Black Lives Matter”. Every deal indigenous peoples ever made with the system of white supremacy has ended with being physically displaced and the local resources being stolen by non-melanated foreign invaders.

In fact, European colonizers killed so many indigenous people that the planet cooled down.

If we continue to subscribe to the violent and oppressive regimes and ideologies of America, aka the headquarters for the global yet tragic system of white supremacy, then it is only a matter of time before everything and everyone on this planet will be destroyed. That system breeds nothing but death and destruction. It’s critical that melanated minds establish our own systems that are truly based on justice, freedom, and equality that is separate and apart from theirs. Waiting on America to establish justice freedom and equality for melanated peoples is like waiting on the Devil to freeze in hell.

The system of white supremacy is about the fear of genetic annihilation and the biological need to oppress the melanated masses by any means necessary. The caucasian systems have no intention or concern for the overall condition of planet earth nor the original peoples of planet earth.

How can you trust a system that thrives off of the division of melanated peoples? How can you trust a government founded by racists, murderers, rapists, and thieives? How can you believe the “forked-tounged lies” after so many millions and billions have died because of broken contracts and treaties with their leaders?

We either re-establish our own cultures, systems, thought processes or continue to be the victim of systematic ‘white supremacy’. You can’t run to the people who are trying to eradicate you for justice, freedom, and equality. Their promises are empty. America never intends to bring positive change for melanated peoples, they only seek to pacify us with trinkets, fake money, and gestures. You can not make any deals with people whom have no moral conscious nor a biological allegiance to the planet and every living thing on it. If you do, you can be assured you will always get the short end of the stick whether you recognize it or not.

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