Do You Apply Your Knowledge Of Self Or Just Brag About How Many Books You’ve Read?

The point of “knowledge of self” is to empower you. It’s suppose to help you realize your peculiar circumstance in relation to all things in the universe.

At some point on this journey, you should realize that you have much more control of your present reality than previously understood. You start to understand how your thoughts, feelings, energy, words, and actions directly influence everything your present reality.

The focus truly becomes about accomplishing a process of spiritual and mental alchemy, because you realize that whatever reality you want to see in the universe is going to come from your mind first. You finally understand that “the universe is mental” and “the mind is all”.

However, if you don’t have knowledge of self then you don’t realize the power you have.

For the record, you can get knowledge of self without books or the internet.

Nonetheless, books or no books, it requires an intentional effort to discover the mysteries of yourself and the universe. An effort to discover knowledge, another effort to use it for your own purpose.

For example, without knowledge of self you wouldn’t know that your thoughts are projecting electrical signals into the infinite blackness of space, and magnetizing the sum total of your subconscious thoughts into your reality. You wouldn’t know that the neuromelanin in your brain is similar to the cosmic melanin/dark matter found everywhere in the universe. You wouldn’t know that the entire history of humanity is in your DNA.

So when you don’t know these kinds of things, it seems you have no authority of your own reality and everything becomes someone else’s fault.

There’s very little accountability in this victim mentality. When you don’t know or understand the full range of what you CAN do it makes it easy to focus your frustrations on others when things fail rather than yourself. It makes it easy to drown in life’s tragedy because if you have no knowledge of self there is no foundation of information to generate ideas, create opportunities, or draw inner peace and power from.

It’s your bosses fault you didn’t get that promotion.

It’s your significant others fault the relationship is over.

It’s the white man’s fault you’re broke.

It’s your personal savior Jesus Christ’s fault for not showing up on time.

It’s your absent daddy’s fault for leaving.

It’s your mom’s fault for not doing enough.

Who cares? The Illuminati is coming to get us anyway right?

Really think about this. You can almost gage how much knowledge of self you have by how much you still blame things outside of your self for your problems and successes.

There’s no doubt that we’ve had some bad experiences, with bad people, in bad situations. There’s also no doubt that there is a global system of racism (white supremacy) that aims to dominate all non-white (melanated) peoples of planet for the sole purpose of white genetic survival.

The point is, if you don’t have knowledge of self you will live your whole life in a frequency of destructive anger, blaming people who’ve done you wrong for the circumstances of your life. This includes blaming white people too. We know what they’ve done, and who they really are. Does this mean open your minds and hearts to a group of people who’ve historically demonstrated an inability to coexist with melanated people and nature? No, that’s not intelligent. Even if they are guilty as charged, do you expect them to help you back on your feet? You can’t really believe that can you? Is your plan to go through a whole lifetime of pointing out racism and telling white people how angry you are at them and wait for them to return stolen goods and make everything all right?

That doesn’t sound like the mentality of the sons and daughters of the founders of civilization. If we really lived up to the Kings, Queens and Gods we claim to be then we wouldn’t be begging or blaming. We would be generating new realities, operating universal justice equally, and destroying illusions and lies.

Whatever white people are doing or not doing, offering or not offering is no comparison to the power and infinite potential of the melanated mind.

What I’m saying is, when you get knowledge of self you don’t have to be a victim, you could be a victor. You become empowered, rather than powerless. It doesn’t matter what’s going on “out there” because you know your mind is a singular expression of the universal collective consciousness, which is the infinite living mind of the universe.

You realize your intimate connection with everything in existence could be used as a tool, your mind becomes your strongest weapon. What earthly circumstance or drama is greater than the power and potential of your mind? There is none.

So if “the universe is mental” and “the mind is all”, who is there to blame for your successes for failures other than you?

Don’t stress, manifest.