Stop Waiting On A Savior And Realize You Have The Power To Save Yourself

“The mind is the structure of that electronic plasma we call thought in the brain. Plasma is charged electrons. The structure of the neurons of the brain is the mind’s utilization of physical laws which are mathematics. Thoughts don’t exist other than carried on by signals – chemical, electromagnetic, gravitational, force, etc.

The original man is the ultimate architect in the manner in which matter and energy are organized by the process of identification, observation, measurements, etc. The mind determines angular momentum, so forth or else they are not known (quantum physics). Therefore the position or momentum of a particle is not certain until measurement. The original man is the most high meaning the one drawing matter and energy up into an organized form.”

The Science of Self – Man, God, and the Mathematical Language of Nature V.1 by SUPREME UNDERSTANDING & C’BS ALIFE ALLAH

While we are busy looking in the sky for Jesus or some mystery God to save us our enemies are expanding and fortifying their positions.

If black people are indeed the “chosen” people as many like to say then why would “our God” allow us to be the victims of the most brutal slavery and oppression the planet has ever seen? Why wouldn’t our “savior” step in and protect his “chosen” people? Hundreds of years of rape, robbery, and murder wasn’t enough to get God’s attention? Some say that we are in this dreadful condition because we’ve been cursed for disobeying the laws, statutes and commandments of God. If that’s the case, how much longer shall wait and suffer? 100 years? 1000 years? 10,000 years?

Think of the most influential people in Black History. Whether they were religious or not they all two things in common. An ability to be creative, and bring those creative ideas into motion. They realized at a certain point in their journey that no one was coming to save them and they made a decision to develop a plan, and bring that plan to life by any means necessary. They stopped looking for a savior and became one.

You must realize, the powers that be are well aware of our potential and power as ‘hue-mans’. That’s why they’ve spent so much time and effort forcing us into religions and belief systems that require us to look outside of ourselves for power and peace. They know as long as we are directing our spiritual energy “out there” they have nothing to worry about.

Our culture has morphed into a sort of “follow the leader”. One person or group is promoted above all others and the masses become inactive bystanders waiting for the next Malcolm X or Huey Newton to solve our problems, to save us.

So whether we’re waiting on Malcolm or Jesus, we’re still waiting. If we ever want to reach a place of power, peace, and abundance this type of “waiting” mentality must be destroyed.

In order for the collective of black people (melanated masses) to achieve this goal it is necessary for each individual to have knowledge of self and manifest a reality according to that inspiration and awareness.

Individually we need to understand that just because we are all connected to the same universal consciousness doesn’t void our ability to impact reality as a whole. Individually we are not just “drops of water in a bucket”.

The elements that make up our consciousness always was and always will be. In other words, there never was or ever will be a greater power outside ourselves being that our consciousness is the same consciousness that sparked, maintains and expands the universe. Although the quote at the beginning of this article specifies “man”, my understanding is that the original manifestation of the conscious universe would be a black woman, which the black man and everyone else comes from.

Nonetheless, the point is we are all equipped with the tools to save ourselves. By waiting on some external entity to “take the wheel” we are throwing our personal power in the trash. Instead of thinking for ourselves and manifesting a reality according to our knowledge of self, we leave it up to religion, leaders and others to create a reality for us.

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