The Phenomena Of Going Super Saiyan Depicted In DBZ Could Be Achieved In Real Life With Melanin, Controlled Thought, And A Supreme Physique

If you were a kid in the 90’s or early 2000’s you were more than likely a supreme fan of the cartoon Dragonball Z.

The story line, the fight scenes, the training for new enemies, the frequent dialogue about energies and powers, the gems of universal knowledge eloquently crafted into the overall concept of the show, it was quite simply impossible to resist as a child.

Although the cartoon is entirely fictional and there is really no such thing as “going super saiyan” it would be ignorant to not recognize the science of the melanated mind and body being over exaggerated through the storyline of anime characters like Goku or Vegeta.

Everything about us is meant to “keep it real”, to keep consciously manipulating elements of the universe at will and manifesting thoughts into this dimension according to the inspirations from our minds. In other words, it is the nature of our melanated mind to imagine things and make them “real” on regular basis, including the universe.

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What Is The Science Of The Melanated Mind And Body?

The U.S. National Library of Medicine (The National Center for Biotechnology Information) explains the circumstance of melanin in the skin:

Dermal melanin is produced by melanocytes, which are found in the stratum basale of the epidermis. Although human beings generally possess a similar concentration of melanocytes in their skin, the melanocytes in some individuals and races more frequently or less frequently express the melanin-producing genes, thereby conferring a greater or lesser concentration of skin melanin. Some individual animals and humans have no or very little melanin in their bodies, which is a condition known as albinism.

In other words, a ‘hue-man’ is melanated, made of and integrated with Melanin. Edward Bruce Bynum, Ph. D, clinical psychologist and author of Dark Light Consciousness – Melanin, Serpent Power, and the Luminous Matrix of Realityexplains in another way how we are integrated with melanin and how melanin is transmutable: 

“In the biosphere of living organisms like us, this dark material is called eumelanin, phaeomelanin, or allomelanin. As mentioned earlier, in our spine, brain stem, the intricate labyrinth of the brain core, and brain, this black neural material is called neuromelanin. It is highly sensitive to light, movement, and the shift of energy transformations from one state to another. It has a high iron content that makes it especially sensitive to weak but detectable influences of terrestrial magnetism.”. 

Melanin can change form – matter, electricity, light, liquid, sound, etc. In addition, a severe melanin deficiency would disrupt the potential for cosmic (spiritual) communication and/or integration with the natural harmony with the universe. Without sufficient levels melanin to inspire an organic hyper-sensitivity to energy and vibration “getting in touch” with the rhythm of universe is a hopeless journey.

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Melanin Has The Potential To Store Extraordinary Amounts Of Energy

According to an article published by in 2016, “a team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University has discovered that the chemical structure of melanin on a macromolecular scale exhibits, amongst other shapes, a four-membered ring—in other words, a chemical structure that may be conducive to creating certain kinds of batteries based on natural melanin pigments.”

In other words, they figured out that our melanin is in fact a ‘super conductive substance of the universe‘. When you compare regular batteries with their experimental melanin batteries the results were dramatically different. The melanin batteries had a much higher voltage. “The voltage we got out was high—comparable to what you would get for the best sodium-based cathode materials we would use in a battery,” says Viswanathan – Associate professor of Mechanical Engineering.

The issues seem to be not if they can make batteries out of melanin, but if they can stabilize them. Apparently melanin can maintain wide variety of molecular structures, so they are trying to find “which of these arrangements is the most stable.”

What Does “Going Super Saiyan” Have To Do With Melanin, Controlled Thought, And A Supreme Physique?

Going “Super Saiyan” (for those of you who don’t know) is essentially an elevated state of being, maintained for an extended period of time, achieved by those of the Saiyan race in the cartoon. For a period of time their power levels increase dramatically, awareness levels increase dramatically, and a physically abilities increase dramatically.

When someone achieves this “Super Saiyan” state in the cartoon the hair normally turns yellow and there is a noticeable aura surrounding them.

There are various power plateaus after the traditional Super Saiyan levels. Each new level achieved after a period of intense training or in the middle of an intense battle with a challenging opponent.

This concept of self-evolution is a reality found in our everyday lives. Sure our hair may not change colors and lightning bolts might not swarm around our body but we evolve everyday. If we don’t evolve at some point we will no longer be fit for survival, literally and philosophically.

With each new challenge we overcome, with each battle we win (or lose), with each lesson learned we achieve a new level of personal power. This type of evolution is happening in many aspects our reality.

When taken to an extreme, it is possible for a melanated ‘hue’-man being to transcend beyond standard mortal limitations into a status of the Gods.

This self-evolution occurs through a deliberate and intense process of physical, mental, and spiritual alchemy. It’s the human equivalent to being able to reach new “Super Saiyan” levels.

Photo: Kali Muscle

Melanin, the black biochemical with the human body, provides the infrastructure for this type of transformation.

Melanin can store energy, a lot of it.

If you are in an excellent physical condition it upgrades your physical body’s ability to store and facilitate energies. A supreme physique, a great physical condition, allows your body to operate effectively and efficiently.

Think of being in a good physical condition like driving a 2020 Ferrari while being in a poor physical condition is like driving a 1998 Taurus with a hole in the transmission.

The physical appearance of the body is not important. What matters is the body’s ability to serve as an energy warehouse, generator, and stabilizer.

How is your energy generated? Your mind.

In other words, you can generate energy at will with your own thoughts. Your mind is also what’s helping to manage that energy while it’s in motion. There is a very real relationship between your mind, your physical body, your energy, and your melanin.

Achieving a realistic version of a “Super Saiyan” is possible with a body that functions as a well-oiled supreme melanated machine and a mind that can manage and facilitate extraordinary amounts of energy with ease and finesse.

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A melanated human can “power up” with mental focus and concentration. You can raise your own power level, and maintain that level for an extended period of time, with your mind.

It may be hard for the naked eye to see the energy output, but other livings things can feel it. The same way you can feel the energy of whoever you are in a room with, especially if they are feeling an extreme emotion like anger or excitement.

Thinking, imagining, creating, manifesting energy from within and intentionally storing it for later use. Increasing blood flow and electricity levels with each focused breath. Each new plateau of power you reach builds on the momentum of the previous level, this increases your energy levels and storage capacity exponentially. All of that energy and power growing and flowing in the blackness of your melanin.

What power and energy levels you reach is up to you and your ability to train your physical body as well as manipulate elements and energies of the universe at will with your mind.