Racist Coworkers Play On Emotions Of Black People To Get Them Fired From The Job

Every ‘non-white’ person on planet earth (especially black people) who has ever had a job where ‘suspected’ racists are employed knows good and well how those ‘suspected’ racists intentionally stir up the emotions of the non-white person so that the non-white person can get themselves fired.

Sometimes the subtle racism is much more powerful and effective for the campaigns of white supremacy than outright physical or verbal assaults. The system of white supremacy intentionally triggers our emotions, then uses our emotional responses against us on a regular basis.


“Racism, in the form of White Supremacy is the greatest motivating force by people that exists among the people of the known universe. Every person in the known Universe is either practicing White Supremacy, or he or she is compelled at all times, to react to those person who are practicing it. Both the practice of White Supremacy, and the reaction to it, affects all people in all areas of activity, including Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Religion, Sex, and War/Counter-War.”

Neely Fuller Jr. – A Compensatory Counter Racist Code

This is how many ‘suspected’ racists stay covert: they practice the religion and ideology of white supremacy in a passive aggressive (non-violent) way usually making things appear as if the primary aggressor, the white supremacist, is innocent and the non-white person is the root of all evil.

The game is rigged, the stage is set in a way that allows the non-white person to destroy themselves when they defend themselves against the subtle racism, in an environment controlled by suspected white supremacist.

The point is, if you know this, act accordingly. Do not let anything or anyone control your emotions.

You can’t choose what others do, but you can choose how you react to a situation.

I’d recommend getting yourself a copy of Neely Fuller Jr.’s book, “The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept – A Compensatory Counter-Racist Code“.

It is filled with ideas and options for dealing with racism in all areas of human activity. It’s a code, not a bible. Use what you need and if you don’t need it, don’t use it.

Either way, keep yourself together.

If it becomes so unbearable that you can’t tolerate another second then strive every minute of every day to become self employed, by any means necessary.

That’s what I’m doing with this blog, and it’s working for me. Before becoming a self-employed blogger I used to feel overwhelmed by the daily struggle of working a job that was owned and controlled by suspected white supremacists. The frustration and humiliation from dealing with subtle, institutional racism at the job for years forced me to ‘find another way’ or give up and accept my subservient position as permanent modern day slave.

Obviously I found another way, Trudreadz.com now has well over 5 million hits and I now have the opportunity to continue creating streams of income from home rather than wasting away on the modern plantation.

Moral of the story, if you wan’t to continue your employment at your job that is owned and operated by suspected white supremacist then you must be painfully aware of the realities associated with that choice. Your emotional intelligence must be supreme to be unbothered and immune to the tentacles of racism swarming around you at the work place for 40 plus hours a week.

If you’re like me, then you recognize the only acceptable solution is separation. Self-sufficiency and independence. When you employ yourself, you remove the threat of getting fired. When you write your own checks you don’t have to keep your voice down when the boss comes around. When you make the rules and hire the employees you can create your own positive and productive work environment.

There are always choices and alternatives.

Find something that work’s for you.