History Proves Beyond A Doubt That The Original Buddha Was A Black Man Of African Origin

Although modern images and statues portray the image of Buddha as a man with Asian or Indian features, the original was undoubtedly a man with African features. A great resource for discovering the African origins of many Gods and ancient traditions around the world is the book Black Gods by Supreme Understanding (Dr. Sujan Kumar Dass). This is where I found these references in regards to the original Buddha being a black man.

Photo: Angkor Wat Buddha with African features meditating

A British Historian by the name of Godfrey Higgins explains in his book Anacalypsis (1836) how Buddha came from the indigenous “negroes” of ancient India:

“The mountaineers [of India] most resemble Negroes in their countenances and their hair. The natives of the hilly districts of Bengal and Bahar can hardly be distinguished by their features from the modern Ethiopians. All this accords very well with my theory respecting the Black Buddha. It has been observed that the figures in all the old caves of India have the appearance of Negroes. This tends to prove not only the extreme antiquity of the caves but also the original Negro character of the natives.”

Photo: Stone Faces at Bayon Temple
Photo: Buddha, Thailand, 800 A.D.

In a book called Folk-Lore (1900) William Crooke provides more conformation that the Gods of ancient India are obviously of African or negroid origins:

“Now it has been often noticed that some of the forms of the Indian Buddha and other black Hindu gods are of a distinctively negroid type, representing the deity with thick lips, long hanging ear lobes, and black curly hair which cannot be referred to any existing Indian people.

Photo: Central Vietnamese Buddah statue

Dr. Waddell describes the Lama of Tibet as a man with short curly hair, like the conventional images of Buddha; the courtiers depicted in the rock paintings of the Ajanta caves have fair or dark brown curly hair, while the attendants are black with curly negroid hair, and some are dwarfs; the images of the Jaina saint Guatama have crisp curly hair, thick lips and black skin. The enlargement of the ear lobe has also been noticed.”

African Origins Of Modern Asians

Professor Jin Li of Fudan University Shanghai declares, “An international study has found that the Chinese people originated not from Peking Man in northern China, but from early humans in East Africa who moved through South Asia to China some 100,000 years ago, Hong Kongs Ming Pao daily reported yesterday in a finding that confirms the single origin theory in anthropology.

Photo: Indigenous Asians With African Features

According to the newspaper, a research team led by Jin Li (of Fudan University in Shanghai has found that modern humans evolved from a single origin, not multiple origins as some experts believe. In China, school textbooks teach that the Chinese race evolved from Peking Man, based on a theory that humans in Europe and Asia evolved from local species. But Jin and his fellow researchers found that early humans belonged to different species, of which only the East African species developed into modern humans. This new finding nullifies the theory that the ancestors of the Chinese people were Peking Man who lived in northern China 400,000 years ago.

Based on DNA analyses of 100,000 samples gathered from around the world, a number of human families evolved in East Africa some 150,000 years ago, said Li Hui, a member of Jins team. About 100,000 years ago, some of those humans began to leave Africa, with some people moving to China via South and Southeast Asia, Li said.”

Also, according to AmonHotep.com, “People first migrated from East Africa around the regions of Ethiopia and Somalia to Yemen, Oman, Southern India, Burma, China, Malaysia, The Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, The Solomon Islands and all the little islands in between. The migrations and trade westward by sea started declining only about 11,000 years ago when the world sea level rose, recovering from the last deep marine regression caused by global cooling and the locking-up of water in continental glaciers.

There were the Northern migrations, from Ethiopia through the Saudi Arabian region and the migrations down the Nile and through the Sahara region. Those who traveled over land mixed with other Africans who went through physiological changes as they traveled at earlier periods. Those who made the journey by sea, in one trip, entered foreign lands with the original Black looks.

Examining the migrations through both land and sea routes will allow for a better understanding of the complex exchanges between groups of people who evolved and continued to evolve while migrating out of Africa. Some groups entered China with their original form and others evolved along the way and entered China looking different to their ancestral form.

All people on this earth are connected to the indigenous African people and the migrations of people today can be proven not only by examining the historical records but also through DNA studies.”

All this to prove beyond a doubt that “Buddha” was an indigenous black man, as well as the African origins of modern day Asians.