You’re Not Free From Religion Until You Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

“Religion is nothing more than organized superstition.”

Brother Panic

You took the wheel back from Jesus, good for you.

However, you still have a serious problem. You’ve taken Jesus down off of a pedestal and put something else in its place. You still have a religious mindset. You are still under mind control. The framework is still the same just with a change of characters.

Brother Panic always points out how many people who come into ‘consciousness’ (knowledge of ourselves and history) end up replacing Jesus with Horus. Jerusalem with Kemet. Jesus crosses for ankhs. The Bible for The Book of the Dead. Your favorite black “leader” becomes your savior. So on and so on. You get the idea.

One of the main common threads of religion is something outside of your self is going to “save you”. Another common thread is maintaining a system of superstitions, especially those with no scientific basis whatsoever.

Stop thinking about religion as just Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Religion is ORGANIZED SUPERSTITIONS, a tool to reprogram the subconscious mind for a desired result. Usually the ‘desired result’ is more power, wealth, and/or control for the person who created or maintains the religion (Preachers, etc.).

You’ve had experiences that were traumatic, repetitious and riddled with symbols that programmed your subconscious mind to respond to stimuli in a particular way. The same way you were programmed, is the same way you will have to be unprogrammed.

Symbols, repetition, and trauma.

Anything can become your religion. Not saying that in itself is necessarily a problem, but if you’re someone bragging about how sleep “religious people” are yet you’re still bound by a religious mindset, you’re no different than your grandma who’s still worshipping white Jesus every Sunday.

The players changed but the game is still the same.

Until you dig deep within your own subconscious mind and meticulously pick apart the undesired indoctrination, you are still a slave to a religion. You have to understand that mind control is achieved by repetition, symbols and trauma.

Once you’ve examined yourself to see how exactly you’ve been programmed, you can begin to create a regiment to unprogram yourself.

Hopefully, you reprogram yourself in a way that is empowering and inspires self-sufficiency. Freeing yourself, from any form of religion that may be holding you back.

If you have the time, listen to the lecture above by Brother Panic where he discusses in detail how to break a religious framework and become a “magician.”

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