The Adam & Eve Story Is About The Creation Of Caucasians By The Original Man

Many years ago, a little man named Elijah Muhammad told the world of how the Caucasian race was created by a big head scientist name “Yakub” on the “Island of Patmos” with a method of selective breeding he called “grafting”. The Bible’s Adam & Eve story matches up with Elijah’s Yakub story. We must keep into consideration that realistically “Yakub” is representative of a group of rogue African/Egyptian scientists and that “Adam & Eve” are representative of a new group of people that was created 6,000 years.

Many people discarded this teaching because they assumed it was part of the “white man is the devil” rhetoric and it had no scientific or historical support for his claim. Well, whether you are in the Nation of Islam or not, you’d be wise to research on the subject for yourself.

Now it must be said, I am not religious. Nor am I affiliated with the Nation of Islam. However I can see what Elijah Muhammad was getting at with his story of Yakub. Although the real details may be a little different, the point is: Advanced African geneticist created a new type of people by way of selective breeding in a isolated environment. This creation, the caucasian, became an out of control pestilence to humanity and the planet itself. That’s the overall idea. The elite of the Caucasians know this history of themselves, that’s why they chose to integrate this “Adam & Eve” story within the stolen African concepts and principles in the Bible they created.

The Bible is indeed a compilation of African mythologies, astrological concepts and principles repurposed by Caucasians for their own religious\political agendas. You can learn about that in “African Origins of Western Religions” by  Yosef A. A. Ben-Jochannan. Even the concept of a “creation story” can be found in various formats throughout African belief systems. Most African creation stories point to a cosmic origin, while “Genesis” in the Bible points to a “new” species of mankind made by more powerful beings that previously existed. These “beings” must’ve had a purer form of the human archetype if they ‘made man in their image’.

Not only that but this new species was destined to be unrighteous and incapable of following the “laws of god”, hence their immediate removal from the heavenly Garden of Eden. Also in Hebrew the word “Adam” is plural and translates to “ruddy or pinkish/red”. What other pinkish/red people on planet earth with only a 6,000 year history brought nothing but trouble and calamity to the rest of the world and continuously breaks EVERY “law of God” besides Caucasians?

This is not a matter of being racist or prejudice, it’s about getting down to the truth. This is not emotional. There are many scholarly references to this phenomenon beyond Elijah’s work. Paul Lawrence Guthrie provides quite a bit of these scholarly references that support Elijah Muhammad’s theory of the “Adam & Eve” story being about the creation of the Caucasian in his classic “Making of the Whiteman”. Yes, even some Caucasian scholars have agreed that the Bible’s creation story is talking about the Caucasian being created by older races of humans. Unfortunately all of the information can’t fit in this article, so I’ll be offering a starting point for you to do your own research on the topic.

In school, we were taught that only two options existed for man’s creation: Darwin’s theory of evolution, or the Adam & Eve story of the Bible. You’ll soon figure out that both explanations given to us by the Eurocentric/White Supremacist school system have more to do with the origin of the Caucasian man than anyone else.

In books like “Introduction to African Civilization” by John G. Jackson you could find plenty of evidence pointing to the fact humans have been this planet for millions of years. Also it is thoroughly proven in that book, as well as many others that the “Original” man is a dark skinned human from Africa. So with that said, where does the Caucasian come into this?

Some sources, like Dr. Richard King’s “African Origin of Biological Psychiatry” suggest that Caucasians came from a genetic mutation of Africans that got trapped in the Caucasus mountains during an ice age. This however is unlikely, seeing how we have dark skinned Eskimos that have been living in freezing environments with limited sunlight for long periods of time without turning “white”. Also I agree with Bobby Hemmit when he says in his lecture “Human Artificial” that at the suspected time of this genetic mutation, Black people were highly advanced and very capable of complex thought and reasoning. How then did these advanced people “get stuck in the snow”?

The 6,000 year timeline given by Elijah Muhammad for the creation of white race matches with the 6,000 year timeline of the Bible. According to the Bible, 6,000 years ago “God” and beings characterized as “Us” created Adam & Eve in the garden of Eden (which is in Africa). Not long after they were created they were exiled out of the plentiful heaven of “Eden” (Africa) to a hard life of strife. In Elijah’s “Message to the Black Man in America” he talks about how after Yakub created the Caucasians, they went back to the general population of indigenous people and caused so much havoc that it was decided they should be exiled into the mountains of Europe.


After being separated from civilization for so long they began to sink into a hell of ignorance, barbarism, and animal-like behavior. This is where you get your “cave man” from. While black people were exploring the globe, building magnificent monuments, and advancing every aspect of human civilization caucasians were still grunting and playing with fire in caves. This is a historical fact.

Supposedly, Moses did not go into Egypt to free the Israelites from bondage, but he went there to free Egypt (Africans/Black People) from the pestilence and curses that came with the newly created Caucasians. He led them out, across the Red Sea and across the burning sands into the Caucasus mountains where they could no longer disturb civilization.

He then went on “Mt. Sinai” (which some scholars believe was closer to the Caucasus mountains) to try and teach these savages how to be civilized. This was to be done by giving them strict commandments to follow. The plan was to civilize these creations so that they would not become a future liability to the local indigenous populations as well as the planet itself.

As you can read in the Bible, this plan did not go well and many could not keep the commandments of Moses. You also see that this barbarous mentality is still active in the descendants of caucasus cave dwellers as they roams from place to place stealing, killing, and destroying everything in sight.

Elijah Muhammad was not the first to talk about the caucasian race being created. There are many cultures around the world with similar stories about the creation of the Caucasian race, about how they are not from a natural mutation of man but a selective breeding process that went horribly wrong. Sort of like the Frankenstein story.

All of the ancient myths and stories suggest that doom and gloom was to come following the pale skinned people’s arrival on planet earth. In other words, it was prophesied that the fall of civilization would be because of these new creations, “Adam & Eve”.

Like I said earlier, you could find out more information relating this interpretation in a book called “Making of the Whiteman” by Paul Lawrence Guthrie. There are also many other books pointing to this concept if you’re willing to do the research. The Bible and Elijah Muhammad’s “Message to the Black Man in America” is probably the most popular of these Caucasian creation stories available at this time.


To sum it all up, it does seem extremely plausible that Adam & Eve story of the modern Holy Bible was not only relating to astronomy and ‘atoms’ but was also the story of how Caucasians were created or rather “grafted” out the original human gene through a long process of selective breeding in an isolated environment by the Black people who were here millions of years before them.

Also, it is extremely plausible to see how the birth of Adam & Eve (which is symbolic of a group of people not an individual) brought “sin” and calamity into the world, which was apparently abundant with life and peace before they were made. Like I said earlier, the elite of the Caucasians know this, that’s why it was integrated within the stolen African concepts and principles in the Bible they created.