Should Today’s White People Pay For The Rape, Robbery, And Murder Their Ancestors Committed?

This is an issue of great importance and there is much debate about it.

First we must make one fact established: black people lived on every land mass on planet earth before even one caucasian male or female even existed. All of the indigenous people of America (North, Central, and South), of Asia, of Australia, of the “Middle East” have so called “African” origins.

Anyways, when the Caucasian came out of the Caucasus mountains they began monstrous campaigns for world domination. Michael Bradley talks about this in “The Iceman Inheritance: Prehistoric Sources of Western Man’s Racism, Sexism and Aggression“. The tribal wars of indigenous peoples was no comparison to the globalization of genocide and slavery pushed by the caucasian.

Millions upon Millions upon MILLIONS of Black and Brown people around the world have been murdered, raped, robbed, lied to, tricked, lynched, stolen, mistreated, beat, and tortured in the name of what Dr. Frances Cress Welsing called “White Genetic Survival”. This is about the fear of melanin “taking over” and dominating the recessive genetic traits of the caucazoid.

Remember, wherever the Caucasian went he was greeted in peace and respect by the indigenous people. They opened their arms, their community and their hearts to strange foreigners in the name of love and peace. The Caucasian ALWAYS used this loving and peaceful spirit exhibited by indigenous people to take advantage of the situation and conquer the lands and the people.

Is this because the Caucasian is so strong and mighty? Or is it because their genetic deficiency of the prime substance of the universe, Melanin, leaves them incapable of managing and maintaining higher thought forms such as love and peace leaving them only with a default of hate and war?

So now that all the land is stolen, all the gold and diamonds are stolen, all the jewelry and treasure chests are stolen, all the indigenous people have been converted to a strange religion, all the temples have been searched and stripped, all the warriors (male and female) have been killed, all the free slave labor has been used, all the Caucasian nations are built, all of the indigenous people are under the axe of Caucasian imperialism, and all of the indigenous people have been thoroughly traumatized by genocide and slavery NOW Caucasians want to proudly declare they “love everybody”.

The new generations of Caucasians walk on the criminal legacy of their fathers yet most of them are ignorant of their own privilege. In fact, the system of white supremacy has gotten so ravenous that it’s even turned on itself, probably because there is no where else to conquer but themselves.

Even so, despite the ignorance and false innocence of the “new” Caucasian, they inherited a legacy. Just because the system built off of that legacy is now falling apart doesn’t make their connection to the legacy any less valid. I’m not talking about one or two “evil” Caucasians, I’m talking about a system of white supremacy created by white people for white people that involves the entire subjugation of non-white people in the known universe for the purpose of white genetic survival.


From a theoretical standpoint, Yes. The white people of today inherited the consequences of their father’s actions just as much as they inherited the privileges. If you are one of those white people who think that you don’t have “white privilege” then I’m happy to inform you that your ignorance and lack of social awareness is why the elite of your kind reject you.

White people “paying” for their crimes would be up to the peoples court. Some people want reparations, some people want land, some people want blood, some people want all three. It really just depends on who you ask.

Don’t worry, I don’t expect white people to feel guilty. They will naturally attempt to validate the enslavement (Physical, Political, Religious and/or Economic) of indigenous peoples around the world with “humans have enslaved each other since the beginning of time”. Which to some degree does have truth. However, none before sought to subdue the entire melanated indigenous populations out of fear of genetic annihilation. Also, none before have destroyed the entire planet with such haste and efficiency.

After all this, if they don’t feel guilty for being consciously or unconsciously in allegiance with the most destructive force and arrogant system of death ever known in the 2.5 million years humans have been in existence then, perhaps they left their humanity in the caves too.

For the record, although I proposed the question, “Should Today‚Äôs White People Pay For The Rape, Robbery, And Murder Their Ancestors Committed?“, I personally don’t expect anything from white people (guilty or not), neither should you. There’s nothing they can do for me or us that is equal to or greater than what we can manifest out of our own melanated minds.