These 21 Facts Prove Melanin Is The Most Supreme Biochemical Substance In The Universe


Melanin is the biochemical substance that drives physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life.” – Dr. Llaila Afrika (Melanin: What Makes Black People Black)


Melanin is the natural chemical that makes Black people’s skin black. It is present in Black people’s bodies, skin, cells, nerves, brain, muscles, bones, reproductive and digestive systems and all bodily functions in a higher amount than all other races.” – Dr. Llaila Afrika (Melanin: What Makes Black People Black)


The color of melanin appears as Black because it is absorbing all colors. Once the color enters melanin it cannot escape. Melanin is concentrated colors, it is a cellular Black Hole similar to Black Holes in outer space.” – Dr. Llaila Afrika (Melanin: What Makes Black People Black)


Melanin is a civilizing chemical, reproduces itself, a free radical protector, can be transformed in the blood, concentrates nerve and brain information, neutralizes, oxidizes (breakdown) converts substances, reduces (builds) another substance and is unchanged by radiation and high temperatures.” – Dr. Llaila Afrika (Melanin: What Makes Black People Black)


Melanin is inside and outside the body.” – Dr. Llaila Afrika (Melanin: What Makes Black People Black)


Melanin is the vital chemical that makes life itself. It is usually brown to black in color.” – Dr. Llaila Afrika (Melanin: What Makes Black People Black)


Melanin is found in the environment, springs, lakes, soil, plants, atmosphere and animals.” – Dr. Llaila Afrika (Melanin: What Makes Black People Black)


Melanin is made by cells called Melanocytes. Inside the Melanocytes are smaller organs (organelle) called Melanosome which make melanin. Insidee the Endoplasmic Reticulum the Melanosomes are made. In other words, small cells build bigger cells, bigger cells build larger cells and the end product of all the building form a small particle into a larger particle is the chemical Melanin.” – Dr. Llaila Afrika (Melanin: What Makes Black People Black)


Melanin literally conducts or carries information in an intelligent and eventually self aware organism. It underlies the earliest unfolding structures of the brain and its very nature causes it to attract light. It is the finest form of living matter we know, the crude outer sheath of bioluminescence that, when liberated in mediation and at the moment of death, opens to the clear light, which is the fundamental substructure and essence of mind and consciousness itself.Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum (Dark Light Consciousness – Melanin, Serpent Power, and the Luminous Matrix of Reality)


In the biosphere of living organisms like us, this dark material is called eumelanin, phacomelanin, or allomelanin. As mentioned earlier, in our spine, brain stem, the intricate labyrinth of the brain core, and brain, this black neural material is called neuromelanin. It is highly sensitive to light, movement, and the shift of energy transformations from one state to another. It has a high iron content that makes it especially sensitive to weak but detectable influences of terrestrial magnetism.” – Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum (Dark Light Consciousness – Melanin, Serpent Power, and the Luminous Matrix of Reality)


Given its intimate affinity with light, vibration and wavelength, plus it’s ability to transduce one energy state to another, and also – critically – because it’s distrubuted throughout the body, nervous system, and brain, we believe this subtle body or light body is associated with the distribution and energetic weaving of melanin and neuromelanin throughout the body and brain. The electromagnetic wavelengths of melanin and neuromelanin extend about, surround, and interpenetrate with the denser physical body or ka.”Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum (Dark Light Consciousness – Melanin, Serpent Power, and the Luminous Matrix of Reality)


Melanin, because it interacts with the electromagnetic energy spectrum, has a wave nature.” – Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum (Dark Light Consciousness – Melanin, Serpent Power, and the Luminous Matrix of Reality)


Melanin is also a biochemical substrate. In other words, because melanin is both a physical substrate of our physical bodies on innumerable levels and because it is intimately woven into the electromagnetic field, it becomes the entryway, the physical template, for our capacity to vibrate with fifth-dimensional forces that in this system are the reality and nature of light itself.” – Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum (Dark Light Consciousness – Melanin, Serpent Power, and the Luminous Matrix of Reality)


From the earliest days of embryology in our mother’s womb the evolutionary dynamics of biolife and bioconductivity are associated with light absorbing melanin. It is literally the first footstep of life as it extends out or elongates from that initial ball or nucleus of genesis after sperm and egg have united and begun to take form.” – Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum (Dark Light Consciousness – Melanin, Serpent Power, and the Luminous Matrix of Reality)


Black was the color of carbon, the key atom found in all living matter. Carbon atoms linked together to form black melanin, the first chemical that could capture light and reproduce itself.” – Dr. Richard King (African Origin of Biological Psychiatry)


All humans possess this Black internal brain evidence of their common Black African Origin. The All Black neuromelanin nerve tract of the brain is profound proof that the human race is a Black race, with many variations of Black-Black to White-Black, all internally rooted in a vast sea of Brain Blackness. One of the critical keys that distinguishes man from all other animals is this presence of intense blackness, neuromelanin pigmentation of the locus coeruleus, Black Dot, the upper most center of pigmentation, the doorway that opens in to an all back hall of blackness, the neuromelanin “Amenta” nerve tract.” – Dr. Richard King (African Origin of Biological Psychiatry)


All human eyes contain retinal melanin, without which, one would be permanently blind.” – Dr. Richard King (African Origin of Biological Psychiatry)


“…Melanin is black because of its unique physical properties that allows it to be an excellent electrical conductor or semiconductor. Melanin is black because it absorbs light, colors or energy.” – Dr. Richard King (African Origin of Biological Psychiatry)


I reason, then, the quality of whiteness is indeed a genetic inadequacy or a relative genetic deficiency state, based upon the genetic inability to produce the skin pigments of melanin (which is responsible for all skin color). The vast majority of the world’s people are not so afflicted, which suggests that color is normal for human beings and color absence is abnormal. Additionally, this state of color absence acts always as a genetic recessive to the dominant genetic factor of color production. Color always “annihilates” (phenotypically and genetically-speaking) the non-color, white. Black people possess the greatest color potential, with brown, red and yellow peoples possessing lesser quantities, respectively. This is the genetic and psychological basis for The Cress Theory of Color-Confrontation and Racism (White Supremacy). The Color-Confrontation theory states that the white or color-deficient Europeans responded psychologically, with a profound sense of numerical inadequacy and color inferiority, in their confrontations with the majority of the worlds – all of whom possessed varying degrees of color-producing capacity. This psychological response, whether conscious or unconscious, revealed an inadequacy based on the most obvious and fundamental part of their being, their external appearance. As might be anticipated in terms of modern psychological theories, whites defensively developed an uncontrollable sense of hostility and aggression. This attitude has continued to manifest itself throughout the history of mass confrontations between whites and people of color. That the initial hostility and aggression came only from whites is recorded in innumerable diaries, journals, and books written by whites. Also, records indicate that only after long periods of great abuse have non-whites responded defensively with any form of counter attack. This perplexing psychological reaction of whites has been directed towards all peoples with the capacity to produce melanin. However, the most profound aggression have been directed towards black people, who have the greatest color potential and, therefore, are the most envied and feared in genetic color competition. The experience of numerical inadequacy and genetic color inferiority led whites to implement a number of interesting, although devastating (to non-white peoples), psychological defense mechanisms. The initial psychological defense maneuver was the repression of the initial painful awareness of inadequacy. The primary ego defense was reinforced by a host of other defense mechanisms. One of the most important of these defense mechanisms was reaction formation, a response that converts (at the psychological level) something desired and envied but wholly unattainable, into something discredited and despised. The whites, desiring to have skin color but unable to attain it, claimed (consciously or unconsciously) that skin color was disgusting to them, and began attributing negative qualities to color – especially to blackness.” – Frances Cress Welsing (The Isis Papers – The Keys to the Colors)


Neuromelanin is critical to maintaining a healthy state of mind. Neuromelanin can be considered the core of consciousness. Without melanin, there will be a lack of consciousness. Deeper yet, there is in this continuum of living history in the current era’s oppressive paradigm of white supremacy/racism that is born from a great fear of melanin.” – Shawn Asor-Sallaah (Yakub: Father of the White Race – A Research in World History and Modern Day Racism)


In the human brain are 12 centers of black melanin (12 Disciples). The pineal gland, the 3rd eye, or the Christ center which produces the 12 centers of black melanin is 1. Locus Coeruleus 2. Substantia Nigra 3. Brachialis 4. Paranigralis 5. Intracapularis Subcerleus 6. Nervi Trigeini 7. Mesencepahsius 8. Pontis Centralisoratis 9. Tegementi Pedennculopontis 10. Parabrachialis 11. Medialis Dorsomotor 12. Retro Ambilgualis…” – Dr. Osei Kufuor (The Black Bible of Science)