Don’t Let The News, Social Media, And Movies Keep You In “The Sunken Place”

In Jordan Peele’s classic movie “Get Out”, the main character, Chris Washington (played by Daniel Kaluuya) was finessed into a state of hypnosis by his white girlfriend’s mother.

Chris had no idea he was being hypnotized until it was too late, he’d already fallen into psychological void his girlfriend’s mother, Missy Armitage (played by Catherine Keener), had titled “the sunken place”.

Well this type of mind control happens in real life, on a large scale.

People who don’t know history or the sciences of life are easily swayed ‘to and fro’ by the propaganda spewed from America’s major media outlets. If all of your information and perspectives are limited to what comes down your social media feeds then your are under mind control. There are real human beings that create programs and algorithms that dictate what you see and don’t see one your social media timelines every day.

If you don’t have a solid foundation of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding the white supremacist owned news and media outlets will keep you in a state of paralyzing fear, confusion and helplessness.

They will get you in “the sunken place”. GET OUT! Snap out of it. Don’t allow yourself to be a reactionary fool. That’s what they want, for you to be so overwhelmed with emotions (energy in motion) that you can no longer analyze and critically think for yourself.

Sometimes this requires a serious unplug. Literally. You may have to disconnect from the movies, the news, social media, and anything else that may be pumping thoughts and ideas into your subconscious mind at an extraordinary rate. At least until you can restructure your perspective, clear your mind, and rebalance your energy.

While you are disconnected refuel your mind, body, and soul with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Read. Meditate. Exercise. Experience your own thoughts, without being bombarded by the suggestions and notifications from your cell phone.

Of course you can’t be completely oblivious of what’s going on in the world, we have to stay informed. However, you can not fall victim to “their” narrative and allow your energy to be manipulated.

If your social media news feeds keep you in a daily state of hyper vigilance then it’s time to ‘get out’.

If you leave it up to “them” to do the thinking and analyzing for you, it’s inevitable that you will end up in “the sunken place”, and you may get so deep you’ll never ever be able to get out.