Black People’s Organs Are Being Harvested And Sold On The Black Market For Millions Of Dollars

Let’s set the stage. First thing, what is the primary reason Black people are targeted and preferred above others? Illegal organ trafficking is a global phenomena, every “race” on the planet has had their organs harvested illegally at some point in time. Poor and powerless people around the world are often forced, tricked, or terrorized into giving up their organs. The question is, why does it seem be that the organs of melanated people are the ultimate prize?

One, because Black people are made of the most dominant substance in the universe, Melanin. Think I’m exaggerating? The Military uses Melanin for weapons, armor and energy storage. Nasa uses it to make space suits for astronauts. If Melanin wasn’t so ‘magical’ it would be sought after so aggressively and used to fight wars and explore space.

Two, because we currently live under a system of white supremacy. Which is a system, consciously or unconsciously created by caucasians, designed to maximize the potential for ‘white genetic survival’ amongst the genetically superior melanated masses. In other words, since caucasians can not survive as a species on planet earth without extreme accommodations (system of white supremacy, racism, genocide, sunblock, etc.) it necessary for their survival to improve their genetics. This can be done by harvesting organs of superior humans and implanting them in themselves, just like in the movie ‘Get Out’.

Harvesting the organs of melanated people allows them the perceived opportunity of ‘white genetic survival’.

Lastly, most people on the planet are “melanated” (black, dark brown, light brown). Meaning they have sufficient melanin to provide a healthy homeostasis in earth’s natural atmosphere. In other words, melanated people are empowered by the sun and earths environment, rather than tormented by it. So more organs are being harvested from melanated people not only for the supreme quality but because there are simply more black and brown people on planet earth to choose from..

Even in the cases where melanated people are harvesting the organs of other melanated people, like the 37 convicted for a multi-million dollar illegal organ harvesting operation in Egypt, the ‘goods’ are usually sold to Caucasian buyers.

The irony is black people are constantly degraded and treated as subhuman, yet our melanin and organs are being harvested because our genetics are supreme. Imagine that.

The Truth About Why Thousands Of Black Children Are Turning Up Dead With Organs Missing

Asad Malik of explains, “Today, the need for human organs is prevalent. According to the American Transplant Foundation, 123,000 people in the United States were on the waiting list to receive an organ and every 12 minutes a new name is added to the list with an average of 21 people dying each day due to lack of organ availability. The high demand and low supply makes organ harvesting a ripe field for exploitation. So much so that it has become a well-oiled international racket that features prominent politicians, business people, doctors, nurses and the police.

There are many stories of Blacks being persuaded to sell their organs, being tricked into having abortions, or waking up with a kidney missing. But in the cases of 14-year-old Jason Smith, 15-year-old Sadaria Davis, 9-year-old Gloria of Ghana, and and 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson, they did not live to tell their stories.”

Visit for more details on those 4 gruesome stories and more about Black organ harvesting.

Organ Trafficking In America

Decoded Science reports, “The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services data of Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network reports 121,333 currently awaiting organ transplant of which 100,402 are waiting for a kidney. Only 30,970 transplants actually took place (legally) in 2015.  According to the World Health Organization, America is one of many organ-importing countries and by the use of the web, patients can get transplant packages from $70 to over $160,000.00.”

The article goes on to say, “USA Today conducted an investigative report in 2006 and found that illegal body harvesting is very lucrative in the U.S. due to the high demand of body parts. The investigation revealed that from 1987- 2006 (19 years), over 16,800 families had pursued lawsuits stating that their loved ones body parts were illegally sold for an estimated $6 million dollars. That amount is based on figures obtained from federal and local investigators, public organizations and medical universities.”

Organ Trafficking In Africa

Bob Koigi of writes: “It is a well-oiled international racket that features prominent politicians, business people, doctors, nurses and the police. The World Health Organisation estimates that the illegal organ trade, christened ‘the red market’ is worth over $1 billion each year. Africa continues to be a lucrative market for international buyers due to weak laws and enforcement, porous borders and poverty. Stories abound of agents to international buyers in pitching tents in conflict zones of Africa targeting vulnerable people with offers. In fact, it is argued that where there are poor people, there are organ brokers. An organ buyer spends on average $150,000 for vital organs like kidney, liver or heart. A willing donor will usually get $5,000 with the middleman equally getting their share. Such lucrative offers drive desperate Africans to freely trade their organs. But there are other harrowing tales of thousands of people tricked or drugged and their organs harvested without their knowledge. “We have heard cases in Egypt and South Africa where locals will meet with strangers and after a few drinks they are taken to a hotel room and when they wake up they find themselves next to a bathtub with ice and having been badly stitched. The syndicate continues to be brazen and is flourishing because of the gap in law and enforcement,” said Dr Martin Kaloki a security policy analyst who has been involved in tracking human trafficking trends in Sub Saharan Africa.

Kidneys remain the most trafficked organ world over because a patient or donor can survive with only one of them. It is estimated that approximately 7,000 kidneys are harvested and trafficked illegally each year.  Indeed in 2010, the World Health Organization obtained some 11,000 illegally harvested organs most of them from countries involved in a conflict.

The recent migration of Africans to Europe has fanned the trade, with migrants who do not get jobs being sold for their organs. In other instances when a migrant can’t raise the money required to facilitate their journey across the Mediterranean Sea, they are forced to give up their organs. It explains why Egypt and Libya remain some of the largest markets in Africa.”

Missing Black Kids In America

Photo: Screenshot From CNN

According to CNN: “data shows that missing white children receive far more media coverage than missing black and brown children, despite higher rates of missing children among communities of color. The FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database lists 424,066 missing children under 18 in 2018, the most recent year for which data is available. About 37 percent of those children are black, even though black children only make up about 14 percent of all children in the United States.”

Over 64,000 Missing Black Women And Girls In America

An article on explains: “Over the years, a disturbingly disproportionate number of Black women and girls across the United States have gone missing. What’s even more alarming is that the media coverage and legislation that missing Black girls are getting seems to be lacking compared to missing white girls.

2010 study about the media coverage of missing children in the United States discovered that only 20 percent of reported stories focused on missing Black children despite it corresponding to 33 percent of the overall missing children cases. Conclusively, the report said that missing Black youth — especially Black girls — are underreported in the news and it seems that many people don’t even care.

According to reports, when Black girls go missing, it’s often unclear whether they have run away from home, were inflicted violence, abducted, sent into the sex industry, among others. Basically, their safety and assurance to be brought back home was commonly ignored and not an utmost concern. As of 2014, about 64,000 Black women and girls were missing across the U.S. However, most of those do not receive enough media attention and public support to be found.”

How Much Money Is Generated From Illegal Organ Harvesting?

One report suggests, “It is difficult to know exactly how much transplant tourism generates annually worldwide but it is estimated that the illegal organ trade conservatively generates approximately $840 million to $1.7 billion annually, according to GFI.”