Prof. Griff: “The Vote Is Not The Answer To Black People’s Problems In America”

Professor Griff – artist, minister of information, and lecturer, sits down with Brother Rich to discuss the truth about Ice Cube’s Contract with Black America and why people are so mad.

Although he’s crystal clear on his view that ‘the vote is not the answer to Black people’s problem in America’ he does state Black people should not be dependent on entertainers to lead us to the mountain top.

At the same time he does salute Ice Cube for not only creating the Contract with Black America, but for standing firm on his position despite heavy criticism and push back from the very people he is trying to help.

Not just that, but Ice Cube has not been hiding behind his celebrity status. He has been in many interviews in the past months where he addresses questions and concerns about his agenda.

Griff also expounds on why he asserts that Donald Trump and Joe Biden are ‘two wings of the same bird’. In other words he’s saying, neither of the current presidential candidates will be an asset the black community if elected.

To learn more, watch the entire interview above with Professor Griff and Brother Rich.