This Tech Company Is Producing Melanin To Make Organic Batteries, Shields, And More…

Melanin has been the supreme focus of many scientists, biochemists, and researchers.

Most of whom ironically are melanin deficient.

The point is, although melanin is difficult for them to come by, it’s expensive, and difficult to use they still are obsessed with melanin because of its unique and powerful properties.

“River Road Research was recently awarded a patent for a method to produce melanin from food waste. Melanin is an organic polymer of quinone molecules, long known to have interesting physical and electrical properties but historically difficult to produce. Potential applications of melanin include: UV shielding, anti-oxidants, natural paints, and batteries.”

River Road Research

An article on PR Newswire, submitted by River Road Research, explains: “A pigment ubiquitous in nature, melanin is extremely difficult to isolate and refine in large quantities.  It has long been known to possess physical and electrical properties but few commercial applications have been developed due to the historically high cost.  Produced with conventional technology, melanin is often priced at $350 per gram.”

Keep in mind this article is five years old, and gold still hasn’t reached $350 per gram. Melanin is worth even more now. VWR International, an American company involved in the distribution of research laboratory products to over 30 countries in the world currently has Melanin listed for $460 per gram. That is more than the current price of Gold.

The article goes on to say, “Melanin, which is the primary determinant of skin color, also has various applications as a compound in ultra-violet light and radiation protection, anti-oxidants, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.  The most tantalizing applications currently in development are organic battery technologies.  The patent awarded to River Road Research protects the method in which the company will be able to produce melanin for usage in these and other applications.”

In other words, they are taking the natural pigment found in all natural things and harvesting it to develop “organic battery technologies”. This particular company is harvesting melanin from food waste, but methods have been laid out over 100 years ago explaining how to extract melanin from black people, step-by-step.

Either way, these white supremacist funded and operated laboratories are determined to take what is in nature, and melanated people, to literally fuel their campaigns of tyranny and destruction.