All People Of Color Descend From Indigenous Humans And Are Owed The Entire Planet Back

The human family is essentially a ‘black’ family. All of the melanated families – Asians, Polynesians, Hispanics, Native Americans, and so on all have African origins. They all descend from the original melanated humans.

All human variations started from a black (melanated) man and woman. It’s been well documented that Africa contains the oldest remains of human life, making it the cradle of civilization. This means that anyone who is descended from the original man and woman is in fact a ‘real’ human and indigenous to planet earth. In other words, if you have melanin, you come from the original and you are part of the universal melanated family, the ‘hue’-man race.

There are endless sources that prove the original circumstance of black people. When The World Was Black, Part One is one of the modern classics that literally “covers more than 200,000 years of Black History across every square inch of the Planet Earth.” Supreme Understanding proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that people who “founded the first cultures and civilizations of Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, the Pacific Islands, and North and South America” were black people. It is a thorough and well organized documentation of the Prehistoric Culture and how it relates to the melanated masses.

In the next book of the series – When The World Was Black, Part Two – Supreme Understanding dives more into the black origins of ancient civilizations from the last 15,000 years. Both books are great resources of information that prove “The original people of planet earth are black people, from whom the melanated masses emerged.”

So for millions of years melanated people inhabited the earth and settled in every habitable area. Long before ‘the white man’ came around, black and brown people thrived on this planet.

The only group of people who are not indigenous to the entirety of the planet are ‘white’ people, or rather the caucasian. Many melanated minds have speculated the origin of the caucazoid.

There is no evidence of them existing anywhere outside of the dangerously uninhabitable Caucasus area before 6,000 or so years ago. National Geographic even proved Elijah Muhammad was right about European origins.

There is a genetic difference between “hue”-manity and mankind. Mankind is more like a Neanderthal than a ‘hue-man’. Humans (melanated people) have existed on planet earth for millions of years, while mankind has yet to reach 10,000 years of existence. Humans can maintain a healthy homeostasis within earth’s natural atmosphere because of melanin. This is why “black don’t crack”. The melanin within the skin literally absorbs energy from the sun and stores it for later use like an organic battery. 

Without sufficient levels of melanin, or carbon within your body the natural atmosphere of the planet would become non-cooperative with your survival. The sun alone would shrivel you up without a healthy layer of the cosmic sunscreen, melanin. So basically, the real ‘hue-mans’ on planet earth are melanated. Mankind, is like a human, but minus the ‘hue’. They are almost completely void of melanin in all of its forms, externally and internally. This makes existing on planet earth a struggle without extreme accommodations – such us an entire civilization built along the premise of blocking out the sun. 

If you notice, our current society which is based around eurocentic standards creates homes and buildings that look like caves, this is no accident. Windows are often few or tinted to ensure minimum sunlight reaches the inside. Mankind has the prototype of a human, but with Neanderthal DNA.

The group of people known as caucasians are in fact the result of generations of selective breeding by African geneticists in an isolated area. In other words, they are not naturally part of the ‘human’ family, they were created.

This is why they have no rights to any of the lands on planet earth that were already inhabited by melanated people.

Photo: Original Black People of Asia

Paul Lawrence Guthrie makes many references to this in his book “Making of the Whiteman“.

The caucasian, since their departure from the caucasus mountains 6,000 years ago have robbed, raped, and murdered indigenous people of every region. Most of the lands around the world where melanated civilizations existed were pillaged and the wealth of the land was stolen.

Look at America, Africa, and the Middle East. The caucasian has committed the biggest crime against humanity by forcefully removing indigenous people from their natural residences and claiming it all for themselves.

Giving small groups of melanated people reparations is not enough. For everyone who wants to “make things right” it’s important to remember there is no justice until all of us get justice.

It’s bigger then a check. It’s about our ancestors, our lineage, our culture, our history, our human rights, our land.

As the archetype of humanity and the founders of civilization on this planet we have a right to our planet.

Photo: Dr. Runoko Rashidi next to Olmec Head in Mexico

If the descendants of the war-mongering, genocidal, colonizing caucasians are not willing to give us, melanated people, what was stolen then it must be become public knowledge that we are still slaves on a larger plantation.

The freedom to obey the tyranny of a system invented to suppress the entire melanated population is not free at all.

We’ve been on this planet for millions of years, how does this newly created species of man have any rights or authority over the planet in which we’ve cultivated and civilized?

All of it is our land, we been here. So either they will willingly give us back what belongs to us or suffer the inevitable pendulum swing of justice.