Science Proves That Superman Would’ve Had To Be A Black Man With A Lot Of Melanin

It would be scientifically impossible for someone who is melanin deficient (specifically deficient or void of external melanin) to be powered by the sun, he would be unable to absorb the energies from the sun and literally deteriorate into nothingness if he even tried it.

Melanin is a civilizing chemical, reproduces itself, a free radical protector, can be transformed in the blood, concentrates nerve and brain information, neutralizes, oxidizes (breakdown) converts substances, reduces (builds) another substance and is unchanged by radiation and high temperatures.

Dr. Llaila Afrika (Melanin: What Makes Black People Black)

Most people know very little about melanin and the ‘super’ qualities of it’s nature. The works of Edward Bruce Bynum, Richard King, Frances Cress Welsing, Bobby Hemmitt, Alim El Bey, Brother Panic, Laila Afrika and many other dedicated black scholars have laid out a thorough foundation of knowledge surroundings this subject.

Even so, it seems most people are still bound by the limited and degrading explanations of melanin given to them by primarily racially biased Caucasian scientists without even a slight desire to investigate further.

The Science column of Forbes magazine released an article about this very topic a few years ago and they stated, “Almost all life on Earth is ultimately powered by the Sun via photosynthesis: plants and other organisms use light to make food (carbohydrates) from CO2 and water. Their photosynthetic cells also release oxygen, which can be used to burn the energy-rich carbs that fuel metabolism. Superman’s cells would carry out a process similar to photosynthesis. Instead of making carbs, maybe he synthesizes fictional molecules that store even larger amounts of chemical energy.” Those “fictional molecules” would be something like melanin, in one of its many forms.

Melanin stores large amounts of energy. It is the black, transmutable, life-bringing, super conductive, multi-dimensional substance of the universe. People whom have sufficient levels of melanin (enough to maintain a healthy homeostasis in planet earth’s atmosphere) naturally synthesize light from sun, similar to plants and other living organisms. Superman would’ve had to have an extraordinary amount of melanin to be able to digest, store, and reuse the energy from the sun in a such a “super” way. In other words, he would’ve been very, very, black.

Given its intimate affinity with light, vibration and wavelength, plus it’s ability to transduce one energy state to another, and also – critically – because it’s distrubuted throughout the body, nervous system, and brain, we believe this subtle body or light body is associated with the distribution and energetic weaving of melanin and neuromelanin throughout the body and brain. The electromagnetic wavelengths of melanin and neuromelanin extend about, surround, and interpenetrate with the denser physical body or ka.” 

Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum (Dark Light Consciousness – Melanin, Serpent Power, and the Luminous Matrix of Reality)

Although The Forbes article did make some valid points it did make a few crucial errors. One of those was about the connection of the ‘super dark pigment’ and melanin when the author said, “The dark pigment that Superman’s cells would need to absorb sunlight has a different function to melanin, the brown pigment that humans and other mammals use to protect against damaging UV radiation.” The ‘dark pigment’ DOES NOT have a separate function to Melanin, it IS melanin. Like Tupac said, “the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.”

Melanin, IS literally what Superman would have to have a ‘super’ amount of in order to make him, super. Not only that, but all that melanin – particularly in its skin form – would give him a ‘super’ dark pigment.

The enormous amount of Melanin found in a Superman that was true to science would be able to absorb enormous amounts of radiation from the sun with his extremely dark pigment and rich levels of internal melanin.

Photo: Melanin Content in Skin of Different Ethnicity – Histological detection of melanin content using Fontana-Masson staining. Melanin content in the basal layers of the epidermis is substantially higher in Black skin compared to Asian or White skin, although the number of melanocytes is virtually identical in skins of different ethnicity. (Source: NCBI)

A study done on The Protective Role of Melanin Against UV Damage in Human Skin in 2009 by Michaela Brenner and Vincent J. Hearing explains:

“Epidemiological data strongly support the photoprotective role of melanin as there exists an inverse correlation between skin pigmentation and the incidence of sun-induced skin cancers and subjects with White skin are approximately 70 times more likely to develop skin cancer than subjects with Black skin. The shielding effect of melanin, especially eumelanin, is achieved by its ability to serve as a physical barrier that scatters UVR, and as an absorbent filter that reduces the penetration of UV through the epidermis. The efficacy of melanin as a sunscreen was assumed to be about 1.5-2.0 sun protective factors (SPF); possibly as high as 4 SFP, implying that melanin absorbs 50% to 75% of UVR. An SPF of 2 means the doubling of protection of the skin against sunburn.

Dark skin, which contains more eumelanin than fair skin is better protected against UV-induced damage, and eumelanin is thought to be superior to pheomelanin in its photoprotective properties. As discussed by Gloster and Neal melanin in Black skin is twice as effective compared to White skin in inhibiting UVB radiation from penetrating. While Black epidermis allows only 7.4% of UVB and 17.5% of UVA to penetrate, 24% UVB and 55% UVA passes through White skin. Further, melanosomes in dark skin are resistant to degradation by lysosomal enzymes, remain intact throughout the epidermal layers and form supranuclear caps in keratinocytes and melanocytes which contribute considerably to photoprotection against UV-induced damage.”

Photo: Scientists at Northwestern University develop a new form of Melanin enriched with selenium called selenomelanin to protect astronauts and medical patients from radiation. (

Keep in mind also that Melanin is currently being used to create spacesuits to protect astronauts from radiation. It is a supreme candidate for enhancing the possibilities and effectiveness of space travel. With spacecraft, suits, and other technologies coated and fused with Melanin astronauts can explore the universe, ‘to infinity and beyond’, like Buzz Lightyear.

Once again, proving that space travel, let alone biological empowerment from the Sun’s radiation, would only be possible with someone who was extremely Black and richly melanated.

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