The Black Man Is The Father Of Civilization, The Black Woman Is The Mother Of Humanity

Who is the Original Man? Who is the Original Woman?

The Black Man & Woman. When I say black I am referring both to the melanin that influences skin color (among many other things) and the essence of blackness.

Dr. Richard King said, “Black was the color of carbon, the key atom found in all living matter. Carbon atoms linked together to form black melanin, the first chemical that could capture light and reproduce itself. The chemical key to life and the brain itself was found to be centered around black neuromelanin.

Blackness is the origin of everything, from humans to the universe. All developed and born from blackness.

The original people are the prime carriers of melanin for the human species – the black, transmutable, life-bringing, multidimensional, superconductive substance of the universe. Melanin is why a ‘hue’-man is called a human in the first place. Humanity is melanated. The original people of planet earth are melanated. Black people are the original people.

Some people have been brainwashed by racism so much that even the thought of a black person having ANY unique skills or ANY supreme circumstance is blasphemous. It’s easier for some people to believe that all wise and mysterious intergalactic creatures from space came and built the wonders of the world rather then the black people, the original people, who’ve been civilized and civilizing on this planet for millions of years.

Jason Williams, “Aliens” Didn’t Build The Pyramids Or Other Ancient Wonders, It Was Black People

The original people, the very first people to walk the earth were densely melanated people. In other words they were very, very, very dark-skinned people. The biological circumstance of the original people is empowered by nature, the elements, and the sun.

Within the original people is the capacity to produce all potential variations of human life – all races of people on planet earth can trace their history to a group of dark-skinned, melanated people.

Black people.

“In school, most of us did not learn about a “Black Planet”. Our history lessons did not exceed the timeline of caucasian history, as if nothing that happened before Greece and Rome. Most of our teachers never emphasized the fact that black people were advanced and civilized before a single caucasian walked the earth. If it was mentioned that human life started in Africa, it’s often introduced in a way that suggest the melanated masses were savages and unequipped for supreme thought, and that black people were lost until “The Great White Hope” came along.”

Jason Williams, Black History Did Not Start In America, It Started At The Beginning Of Humanity

Black people are at the foundation of agriculture, animal breeding, architecture, art, astronomy, business and trade, cash and currency, ceramics, clothing, dance, economics, healthcare, housing, jewelry, mail, mathematics, medicine, metalworking, mining, music, pottery, science, shoes, spoken language, sports, technology, and written language. All invented by black people.

So when you look at the ancient monuments that are now wonders of the world, think to yourself, black (melanated) men built that. All of them. Most of those architectural masterpieces were built before a single caucasian walked the earth.

Also, I’m not saying women weren’t part of the building process, but realistically it was strong black men carrying the heaviest load and working the heavy machinery.

When you look at the billions of people on planet earth, think to yourself, black women made this possible. If it wasn’t for black women, nobody on the planet would be alive today. The black woman birthed humanity.

The thought of black people being the foundation of anything, let alone everything, is repulsive to some. Yes even some black people too. Some of us have been swindled in the the sunken place by the lies of caucasians who seek to keep us dumb, deaf, and blind. There are actually people, of all races, who still truly believe in their heart that black people were savages swinging from trees and that caucasians brought us civilization.

They must not have heard of people like Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Ivan Sertima, J.A. Rogers, John G. Jackson, Dr. “Ben”, and the many others who’ve thoroughly documented ancient to modern black history around the world.

Most of the things you use on a daily basis are the inventions of black people. The air conditioner, the automatic gear shift, the automatic traffic light, the bicycle frame, the cell phone, the clock, the almanac, the clothes dryer, the electric lamp bulb, the guitar, the mailbox, the motor, the refrigerator, the stove, the telephone, the thermostat control, the toilet, the world’s fastest computer and the list goes on and on.

This is just in modern times, this isn’t even including ancient history yet.

Jason Williams, Black People Invented Everything: The Melanated Mind Is The Foundation Of All Things
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Without “BLACK LIVES” there would be no humanity or civilization as we know it.

The Black (Melanated) man is the ORIGINAL, and the father of civlization.

The Black (melanated) woman is the ORIGINAL, the mother of humanity.