Learning To Control Your Emotions And Find Peace Within Is How You Increase In Power

What is true power?

As it relates to humans, I would define it as the ability to exercise complete control over oneself to manifest a desired reality through focused thought followed through with precise action.

Emotions simply put are just energy in motion. Without the ability to direct your energy you lose control of your entire being to your emotions. The cells in your body literally take orders from your conscious and unconscious mind. When both are over overwhelmed with a powerful energy with too much motion such as intense rage, the cells in your body become a slave to the rage rather than a servant to your conscious mind.

You’ve ever been so mad that your thoughts become like a swarm of locusts suffocating you with unrelenting tenacity?

Or been so mad that your muscles tense up to the point you can no longer perform optimal physical movements and your emotions released so much energy you had none to complete the physical task at hand?

The point is, experiencing an emotion such as anger without a solid level of self-control is guaranteed to result in a negative consequences for you and/or somebody else. Often the result of the emotional outburst ends in an undesirable result, despite how righteous your response feels in the moment.

It is impossible to block out or avoid emotions, that energy in motion is a big part of what makes us human. However, we do not have to let emotions take the wheel. We are supposed to feel, and be inspired by those feelings. At the same time we should be self-aware enough to know when we drift off the path of inspiration into recklessness.

This is what it means to be the master of yourself. You decide what energy you absorb and release. The external world and it’s perilous circumstances are not the master of you, you are the master of yourself and you have the ability to succeed as far as you can control your energy in motion. Every emotion has it’s place in the human experience, and if your life journey is geared towards acquiring power then mastering the ability to control your energy is critical.

If you do not have power over yourself, how can you maintain power over anything else?

If you can control your energy in motion, you become the master of your universe. You evolve into a true and living god that has achieved supreme mastery of your energy in motion, able and willing to facilitate energies and thoughts according to your will. That my friends is true power.

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