The Black Woman Is A Supreme Being And The Mother Of All Humanity

When I say “The Black Woman” I am referring to the female humans whom have sufficient levels of melanin to maintain a healthy homeostasis on planet earth without extreme accommodations and also contain the genetic foundation for all variations of human life.

Even metaphysically speaking, we know that “the universe is mental and the mind is all.” So if the black woman is indeed the first and supreme being of earth and the universe that means this 3 dimensional holographic projection we call reality originated from her mind. That also would mean the Black Woman is the closest thing to a “God of Gods” or “Supreme God” in this universe. Yes, we ‘melanated minds’ are all Gods, but since she is the mother of humanity, she technically is the original source of our entire living experience.

What is God? I would classify the concept of “God” as a collective consciousness that creates, maintains, and expands the universe.

When you slow down the vibratory rate of consciousness, which is a combination of ‘dark matter’ and electomagnetic energy, it manifests itself in this 3 dimensional reality we call the physical realm.

The Black Woman is the original physical manifestation of the infinitely expanding creative force of the universe.

Being the primordial human, she would essentially maintain more authority of the collective consciousness that governs the universe. In other words, if you want “world peace”, it can not be done without making sure that black women are at peace. Keeping in mind that human thoughts can literally rearrange atoms and manipulate elements of the universe at will, its only logical that the archetype of the human species would possess the ultimate cosmic advantage over genetic mutations of the original.

The “Eve” Gene

The Black Woman’s genetic makeup contains all possible combinations of all forms of human life. “Mitochondrial Eve is the most recent common matrilineal ancestor for all modern humans.” The term “Eve” is obviously derived from the Bible, associating this genetic capacity to produce all human life with the Adam and Eve story, implying Eve was the mother of humanity. All human genetic potential originates from the original melanated woman, aka the Black Woman.

Were The First Humans On Earth Women?

The Black Woman is indeed the first human on planet earth and all of the different human variations and races can be traced back to a single black woman. All human life started in Africa, and from there explored to the rest of the planet. During this gradual process of global exploration the original genetic make up of humans began to mutate, adapting to environments, creating the wide variety of melanated indigenous peoples on the planet.

An article from ABC News titled Genetics Suggest Modern Female Came First goes on to say, “Peter Underhill and colleagues at Stanford University in California have an explanation. “They had different molecular clocks,” Underhill said in a telephone interview. “Fewer men participated in reproduction than women did.”

His team, working with top geneticists across the United States, Europe, Israel and Africa, did a genetic analysis of DNA samples from the Y chromosomes of more than 1,000 men from 22 geographic areas and determined that their most recent common ancestor was a man who lived in Africa around 59,000 years ago.

Only men have Y chromosomes and researchers can look at gradual genetic mutations in them to “count” generations. Other studies have used mitochondrial DNA, which women seem to pass down virtually unchanged from mother to daughter, to show that the genetic “Eve” lived 143,000 years ago.”

All Humans Start As Females In The Womb

(Left) X chromosome, (Right) Y chromosome

The National Center for Biotechnology Information explains that all humans start off as females, “All human individuals—whether they have an XX, an XY, or an atypical sex chromosome combination—begin development from the same starting point. During early development the gonads of the fetus remain undifferentiated; that is, all fetal genitalia are the same and are phenotypically female. After approximately 6 to 7 weeks of gestation, however, the expression of a gene on the Y chromosome induces changes that result in the development of the testes.” 

Primary Carrier Of Melanin

Melanin is the black, transmutable, life-bringing, multi-dimensional, super conductive substance that glazes the universe. The Black Woman is the entity that manifests this cosmic substance from the universe into human life. She is the medium between the infinitely expanding creative force of the universe and human beings.

Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum in (Dark Light Consciousness – Melanin, Serpent Power, and the Luminous Matrix of Reality): “From the earliest days of embryology in our mother’s womb the evolutionary dynamics of biolife and bioconductivity are associated with light absorbing melanin. It is literally the first footstep of life as it extends out or elongates from that initial ball or nucleus of genesis after sperm and egg have united and begun to take form.”

The Black Woman has the highest capacity to generate, organize and dispense melanin.

Matriarchal Human Origins

The original human civilizations were matriarchal societies, meaning the women maintained the “primary power positions in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property at the specific exclusion of males — at least to a large degree.“. For the majority of the human experience on planet earth (at least hundreds of thousands of years), woman were held in the highest esteem, and even worshipped as Gods.


Parthenogenesis is a “natural form of asexual reproduction in which growth and development of embryos occur without fertilization.

Although most studies show this phenomena does not occur in mammals, it does occur in reptiles and amphibians.

Humans are a classified as ‘mammals’, yet we have a reptilian brain.

The very core of our brains is literally labeled as “reptilian“. Also, if you notice we tend to get “ashy” and dry the longer we stay away from water or moisture. Look at your hands, you fingers are webbed. These are all characteristics of a reptile.

All this to say, it’s seems very possible that black women, like amphibians and reptiles, had the genetic potential to reproduce without sex from the male species. It’s unclear when and why black women have lost this ability, but it’s certain that somewhere dormant in the genetic bank of black women is this ability. Knowing this, it seems feasible that at one point in time the entire human population was female, until something changed the genetic code and male humans were born to substitute the woman’s inability to asexually reproduce.

Disclaimer: Acknowledging the divine circumstance of black women is not a debasement of masculinity or men in general. When we get down to the metaphysical root we are simply talking about feminine and masculine energy anyway. The universe is essentially a cosmic reflection of a black woman (the primordial human), whom is simply the truest physical manifestation of the infinitely expanding creative force of the universe. When I say something like “The Black Woman Is God” I am not suggesting worshipping black women in a religious sense, like Jesus or something. Just like I said in the title, I’m saying, “The Black Woman Is A Supreme Being Of And The Mother Of Humanity”. As the melanated masses are all children of “The Black Woman” that would make us Gods as well. A man, particularly a black man, should not be offended or belittled by this. The Black Man is the Father of Civilization and the Black Woman is the Mother of Humanity. By restoring the black women to their proper cosmic circumstance it allows black men the ability to fully embrace their own divine masculine energy, while the women can flourish in their divine feminine energy. While our souls are trapped in this human existence it seems to be important to maintain particular “gender roles” in order for maximum overall peace, abundance, and life. Both black women and black men have divine cosmic roles, perhaps things might progress quicker for the melanated masses if we aligned ourselves to the frequency (cosmic roles) in which we are structured to function best with.