Stop Thinking Like A Slave And Start Thinking Like A God With An Abundance Mindset

Many melanated minds in America and around the world suffer from either post traumatic slave syndrome, or extreme ignorance due to lack of education. This is the intentional and collateral damage from the campaigns of religion and systematic white supremacy.

Traditionally, melanated people have always had a culture that infused a high sense of self worth into its community members. We like to add personality and dramatic flair to all human activities. We like to decorate ourselves in fine fashions and luxurious jewelry. It is in our nature to want to shine, to be seen, to be recognized and admired.

It wasn’t until our civilizations were demolished, our cultures were infiltrated, our ability to be self-sustaining was sabotaged, and our gods turned white that we began to carry on as a subservient peasant amongst those whom lack the mental, physical, and spiritual potential to be our equals.

Stop thinking like a slave. The meek will NOT inherent the earth.

When you learn your history, and understand the mysteries, you will see who the true and living gods are. When you acquire knowledge of self it will naturally swell you up with an abundance mindset. How? Because the more you learn and understand how outrageously spectacular your mind is, the power of melanin, and the universal sciences of life there is no need to “settle”. You start to understand you are a living breathing supreme being that can manifest anything you could imagine. The question changes from “can I make it happen” into “how can I make this happen”?

As a melanated mind you have a birthright to peace, power, and abundance. It is your duty to infinitely expand, just like the universe. As above so below. It is your prerogative to “do as thou wilt”.

You are disgracing yourself and your ancestors if you’re someone who is always cowering and apologetic, especially with your oppressors. It is your responsibility as a melanated mind to step into your role as the supreme beings in the universe.

The melanated mind is the foundation of all things, your ability to consciously manipulate elements of the universe is second to none. If you think it, it will manifest.

Being a “God” should be less about throwing a title around and more about BEING the supreme being you know you really are and using your power to rule ‘all that you survey’ and beyond with justice and equality. As a dominant species with a powerful mind it is critical to think like a winner, to be unapologetic, and be obsessively proactive with your power or else you are just wasting your infinite potential.