“Black Magic”: Spirituality Is The Supreme Technology Of The Melanated Mind

If you watch enough TV you will start to believe that Magic, Occult Science, and Advanced Spirituality started with Europeans and is exclusively European, as it the case of too many young melanated minds. We are made to believe that when melanated peoples engage and interact with the spiritual realm it somehow evil or wicked.

Due to the lack of Black representation in the modern ‘magic’ movies many melanated minds do not identify with the spiritual practices that ironically were established by their ancient African ancestors. Also, just to make sure we are on the same page, ALL MELANATED PEOPLES HAVE AFRICAN ORIGINS. There, I said it.

An article from Afropunk.com speaks to the lack of Black representation in movies involving Magic, Witchcraft, Sorcery and other areas of “dark” spiritual practices: “There’s something so mesmerizing about the idea of being able to say an incantation that can get someone to tell the truth or to see into the future. Can you imagine? Well, it turns out that Black folks come from a rich history of tapping into the supernatural, but there’s never really been much attention given to this idea in the Black mainstream. Think about it. If you’re a millennial like us, you grew up with Charmed, The Craft, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and reruns of Bewitched and I Dream of Genie in constant syndication. These were shows with no shortage of white women who could access other-worldly forces. So, why the lack of Black magic? Not the evil kind, but the lack of Black people at play in the realm of the supernatural.”

If it isn’t the TV, it’s Pastor Pork Chop trying to convince you that utilizing your mind proactively to interact with and manipulate energies and elements of the universe to manifest a desired reality is sinful. Pastor Pork Chop would much rather you surrender your personal power to an imaginary man in the sky, and fork over all of your expendable income to build his heaven on earth, while you wait for yours in heaven.

Either way, when melanated peoples do magic – interacting with the elements and energies of the universe on a mental, physical, and spiritual level – it’s often interpreted as demonic, as Black Magic.

Dr. Ben Yosef-Jochannan writes in African Origins of the Major Western Religions: “Pagaism, Voodooism, Witchcraft, Fetishism, Black Magic, Obyah and Oledamare” are all but a mere sample of the many names regulated to a few of the righteously sacred religions of solely traditional indigenous African origin – according to most European-American educators, theologians and general missionaries who believe that they have been ordained by some God or the other to save mankind from “themselves”.

Dr. Ben goes on to say, “Although this messianic obsession is in itself disgusting enough, these labels have become more and more extremely offensive to the peoples of African origin who cherish their ancient traditional religious heritage that has survived Asian, European, and European-American Colonizations.

Are there melanated people in the world who use their knowledge of the universal sciences and spiritual powers to do “evil” things, sure. That’s the case with anything though. One person could use a pencil to write an essay, while another person may stab someone in the eye with their pencil. Knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the universal sciences of life is not the problem. The person using that power to exploit the righteous is the problem. Besides, “good” and “evil” are relative. What may be good for me, could be evil for you.

People fear what they do not understand, many people today do not understand ‘blackness’ let alone the science of black (melanated) people. Well, our ancestors were obsessed with studying,understanding and interacting with ‘blackness’.

Dr. Richard King opens up the book, African Origin of Biological Psychiatry, with summarizing the phenomena of blackness (the black dot). This study of “blackness” and “melanin” was a priority study of our ancient ancestors:  

Black Dot is and ancient symbol for blackness, it is the black seed of all humanity, archetype of humanity, the hidden doorway to the collective unconsciousness-darkness, the shadow, primeval ocean, chaos, the womb, doorway of life. This ancient symbol for blackness was the subject of intense scientific investigation over a period of 300 thousand years by profound ancient scientist who were themselves black in consciousness. A long line of highly intelligent scientists studied their own essence, and discovered a hidden doorway to their souls and spirits; a doorway to advanced laws and rhythms that span the universe. They discovered universal laws rooted in the black seed, feeding every dimension of time and space. Theses original titans found that all life came from a black seed, all life was rooted in blackness, and all things possessed a memory of their collective ancestors. Blackness, the universal solvent of all, was seen as the one reality from which life’s loom spun. All colors, all vibratory energies were but a shade a black. Black was the color of the night sky, primeval ocean, outer space, birthplace and womb of the planets, stars and galaxies of the universe; black holes were found at the center of our own galaxy and countless other galaxies. Black was the color of carbon, the key atom found in all living matter. Carbon atoms linked together to form black melanin, the first chemical that could capture light and reproduce itself. The chemical key to life and the brain itself was found to be centered around black nueromelanin. Innver vision, intuition, creative genius and spiritual illumination were found to be dependent on pineal blood; born chemical messengers that controlled skin color and opened the hidden door to the darkness of the collective unconscious mind, allowing the ancient priest-scientist to visualize knowledge from the mind’s timeless collective unconscious memory banks.” 

There is a direct parallel between melanin, carbon, dark matter and blackness.

Melanated people have been on planet earth for millions of years with an extensive history of interacting with the “spirit realm” and maintain a biological circumstance to do so with incredible ease and enthusiasm. Spirituality is the true technology of the melanated mind, we are made to be able to consciously manipulate elements of the universe at will and bring what’s in the darkness to light.

That realization should only be troubling to those whom expect a righteous retaliation from melanated peoples that are inspired to use their powers to acquire justice, freedom, equality, peace, power, and abundance. For the rest, your “Black Magic” should be empowering.