You Can’t Force Someone To Be “Conscious”, When The Student Is Ready The Teacher Will Appear

Initially, when most people become “conscious” there is this burning desire to teach, teach, teach.

Knowledge of self is inspiring and empowering, it’s only natural to want others like yourself to experience the type of mental transformation you’ve experienced. When you see others, especially those that you care about, wandering ‘to and fro’ clueless about their history and the sciences of life you feel it is your personality responsibility to bring them to the light.

Unfortunately, some people will NEVER be ready for the supreme knowledge you have to share.

This is why the journey of enlightenment is a lonely road. The higher you elevate the less you can relate to lower level thoughts and frequencies.

At this point you need to decide for yourself, are you on this journey to “save the world” or to “save yourself”. In other words, are you doing all of this research, studying, and reading so you can “wake” other people up, or are you doing it to increase in personal power so you can manifest a desired reality in this world and beyond?

You can “save” yourself first, and then attempt to “save the world”. But you can NOT “save the world” until you’ve first learned how to “save” yourself.

By “save” I mean infuse with supreme knowledge of self that would allow yourself or others to be self-sufficient creators of realities using the laws and elements of the universe as your tools, as opposed to having a subservient slave mind that is dependent upon the worlds created by others. One is proactive, the other one is reactionary.

Oftentimes, people get a little “conscious” and assume the position as a supreme master of their field then they enthusiastically lead their ‘flock’ down a dark rabbit hole which they themselves do not know how to navigate. This is counterproductive.

Occult teachers like Bobby Hemmitt often said, “leave the dead with the dead”. This means if someone is in the darkness of ignorance, and they WANT to stay there, leave them there. You will only frustrate yourself trying to convince a stubborn idiot to see the light.

Like the quote at the top of this article says, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready… The teacher will disappear.”

You can only teach someone when they are ready, some people will never be ready. It’s critical to understand this concept and continue on your journey without the obstacle of trying to teach people who have no desire to learn.

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