Use Ancient Sciences Discovered By Our Ancestors To Develop New Solutions For Modern Problems

One day, I was listening to Neely Fuller Jr. talk on a podcast with the “Victor of R.W.S” YouTube Channel and he said something that made me rethink some things. Paraphrasing, he was talking from the perspective of a white supremacist and he said something like ‘now go ahead and tell me all about how you built the pyramids before I kill you and your buddy over there’. It made me realize the ugly truth about our particular situation.

We can brag about our melanin, how we built the pyramids, how we’re the original people, how we created this and that, but how are all these superior qualities helping black people now? Black people, as supreme as we may be are still “victims” and in many cases subservient to inferior system.

What is it that we aren’t doing right? What are we missing? If we know all of these things how can we USE this knowledge to better our situation as a people, and eventually end the system of white supremacy all together? If we are so biologically supreme then why do we not have peace, power, and abundance?

This helped me realize that we as a people have made many mistakes that ultimately have lead us to the devastating situation we’re in now. If the melanated mind is the foundation of all things then ultimately, our current situation must be the result of the thinking of melanated people. Of course the Atlantic Slave Trade played a significant role in our most recent case of ‘amnesia’, but I challenge you to take that thought deeper. Yes the caucazoid is the greatest perpetrator of human trafficking and mass murders around the world, but where did the caucazoid come from? Whether you go with the narrative they came from Africans that migrated away from the equator and loss their “color” or they were genetically engineered by African geneticists (as Elijah Muhammad taught) through a process of selective breeding, at the end of the day they came from us.

If we ‘built the pyramids’ but now we’re second class citizens living in unfavorable conditions then perhaps somewhere along the way we made a mistake, or a lot of them. Maybe we should learn everything that the ancestors did and try to determine what worked before, what still works and what will never work. This is about evolution. We are today, and we are the future. Using techniques from 2,000 years ago may not always be effective in today’s society. The science may be the same, but the application must be custom to our current environment and conditions.

It’s up to us to experiment with the knowledge and techniques of the past and determine NEW methods and practices that will liberate us from this awful condition. We have to pick up where some of our ancestors went wrong. We have to learn from our mistakes as a collective. There are new innovative ways of oppressing us created everyday by the system of white supremacy, so we should have new innovative ways of dealing with the problems that face us individually and collectively.

We already have access to many of our ancient indigenous history and sciences. We have access to the ancient knowledge, but we must filter it through wisdom and understanding so that we can find solutions to modern problems and needs we have today.

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