The Black Man Is The Original Man And A True And Living God Of The Universe

“Who is the Original Man? The Original Man is the Asiatic Black Man: The Maker, The Owner, The Cream of the Planet Earth, God of the Universe.”

Supreme Lessons of the Gods and Earths, Clarence 13X

As a melanated mind on your journey for knowledge of self you will almost certainly stumble across the teachings of Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Clarence 13X and The Five Percenters – also known as the Nation of Gods and Earths. That is the origin of much of the “Black Gods” talk we hear so much of today.

According to Wakeel Allah’s In The Name of Allah Vol.1 – A History of Clarence 13X and The Five Percenters:

“The origins of the Five Percenters and be traced to its founder, the late Clarence 13X Smith a.k.a. “Allah”. A former member of Elijah Muhammad’s Nation of Islam, he studied under Minister Malcolm X at the Harlem Mosque #7 in the early 60’s. He subsequently founded a youth movement based on the core doctrine of the NOI and his own lessons referred to as “Supreme Mathematics” and “Supreme Alphabets”.

The name and ideology of the Five Percenters are derived from NOI teachings that describe the population into three categories. The 85% are lead to believe in a “mystery god,” the 10% teach lies to master the poor and superstitious, and alas the 5% are the true liberators and teachers of “justice, freedom and equality” who teach that the true and living God is the “Black Man of Asia”.

Throughout his short reign as leader of the Five Percenters, Clarence 13X (Allah) faced many challenges but accomplished many objectives. Unfortunately in June of 1969, he was gunned down by unknown assassins. He left a legacy of countless youth who embraced the concepts of the Five Percenters which are evident in the conscious youth of today that identify with his teachings.”

Being inspired by teachings of The Five Percenters, I chose to “Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically my own.” This is not to say the teachings are somehow flawed, but it is my duty to be true to my own knowledge, wisdom, understanding and experience.

If you want to learn ‘right and exact’ teachings of The Five Percenters I encourage you to read the Supreme Lessons of the Gods and Earths compiled by God Supreme Allah. Then, actually find someone who is actively living out the culture and have them answer any further questions you may have.

I do not identify as a “Five Percenter”, but I do recognize the undeniable truth that the Black man is the Original man and with knowledge of self the Black man can maintain a supreme circumstance as a true and living God on earth, and in the universe.

The Black Man is the Original Man

The human is family is essentially a ‘black’ family. All of the melanated families – Asians, Polynesians, Hispanics, Native Americans, and so on all have African origins. They all descend from the original melanated humans.

All human variations started from a black (melanated) man and woman. It’s been well documented that Africa contains the oldest remains of human life, making it the cradle of civilization. This means that anyone who is descended from the original man and woman is in fact a ‘real’ human and indigenous to planet earth. In other words, if you have melanin, you come from the original and you are part of the universal melanated family, the ‘hue’-man race.

There are endless sources that prove the original circumstance of black people. When The World Was Black, Part One is one of the modern classics that literally “covers more than 200,000 years of Black History across every square inch of the Planet Earth.” Supreme Understanding proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that people who “founded the first cultures and civilizations of Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, the Pacific Islands, and North and South America” were black people. It is a thorough and well organized documentation of the Prehistoric Culture and how it relates to the melanated masses.

In the next book of the series – When The World Was Black, Part Two – Supreme Understanding dives more into the black origins of ancient civilizations from the last 15,000 years. Both books are great resources of information that prove “The original people of planet earth are black people, from whom the melanated masses emerged.”

So for millions of years melanated people inhabited the earth and settled in every habitable area. Long before ‘the white man’ came around, black and brown people thrived on this planet.

The True and Living God

The melanated mind is the foundation of all things in existence, black people invented everything – agriculture, animal breeding, arts, architecture, astronomy, business and trade, cash and currency, ceramics, clothing, dance, economics, healthcare, housing, jewelry, mail, mathematics, medicine, metalworking, mining, music, pottery, science, shoes, spoken language, sports, technology and written language. All of this came from a melanated mind materializing ideas through a melanated human vessel (the physical body of the black man and woman), not a mystery God in the sky.

The melanated body is an organic machine rooted in supreme mathematics. The reality of expiration for the human body does not change the supreme circumstance of the melanated mind that governs that body. All things in existence experience transmutation, changing from one state to another, it is the nature of the universe. The expiration of the human body (death) is not the “end”, but rather a recycling of matter. All that comes from the earth returns to the earth. The human body, the flesh, comes from the earth.

The mind did not come from the earth, it made the earth. The mind inside the first atom, is the same mind that made itself manifest as the Original Black Man and Woman. Everything in existence was born from the mind. Nothing can exist outside of the mind. The melanated mind is the foundation of all things in existence. Therefore, nothing can exist outside of the melanated mind (the organizing force and order) of the black man and woman, that is a supreme circumstance.

The concept of the melanated mind being the foundation of everything in existence is why “the black man” and “the black woman” is God. It’s not a race thing. It’s about melanin and consciousness. 

The Science of Self – Man, God, and the Mathematical Language of Nature by Supreme Understanding and C’BS Allah demonstrates how the consciousness of the original ‘hue-man’ is the infinite living mind manifesting the universe: 

“The blueprint of organization is merely a structure for observed reality. Observation is the method by which things, from atoms to planets composed of atoms, are brought into existence. Conversely, ignorance is the method by which things are annihilated. Imagination is the method by which things are made or grafted. Thus the Original man is the supreme being, being that his mental faculties are what shapes all that we see. The Original man is the personification of the structure that creates, makes, destroys, and maintains the balance of reality.

These creation and destruction processes are continuous and result in equilibrium. Where does the Original Man come from? He comes from the foundation for his existence: his own self, which has no beginning or end. He is the structure and order personified. That mind or structure is all there was, when the universe stood still at time zero. On earth as it is in the heavens above, the Original man directs energy from a state of potential to kinetic in a predetermined fashion, which is mathematics. This is because determination is measurement and vice versa. That is, once you have measured a thing, you have specified its destiny.

The Original Man is the measurement of all things.”

The Black Man maintains a supreme circumstance on Planet Earth and the Universe as a True and Living God. This does not in any way shape or form dislodge the Black Woman from her supreme circumstance, as her essence is the foundation from which the Black Man was cultivated. In fact, if we know the Black Man with knowledge of self is a supreme being, and EVERYONE knows that ALL human life must come through the woman, and only Black can reproduce Black, then that science alone demonstrates how the Black Woman is also a supreme being.

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