November 14, 2020

Erykah Badu Tests Positive For COVID-19 In Her Left Nostril, Negative In Her Right

“What the fack is goin on here?” – Erykah Badu

A righteously frustrated Erykah Badu recently revealed on Twitter that in a recent doctor visit she tested positive for COVID-19 in her left nostril, and negative in her right.

Badu tweets, “No symptoms. Was tested for COVID. Same machine. Left nostril positive . Right nostril negative. Maybe they need to call Swiss Beats so they can do a versus between them. Funny thing is , Dr. ONLY reported the positive result. What the fack is goin on here. Rapid Test. $$$$ smh.”

Clearly the soulful songstress is not only revealing her test results, but also making a mockery of the entire healthcare industry’s methods for handing the ‘pandemic’.

To further prove that this was not a hoax, she took the liberty of posting her official results with a doctors signature on twitter.

What is anyone supposed to make of these results? Is she positive or negative? This confusion led to her taking another test later on in the day.

Badu goes on to say, “This is my third rapid test in 24 hours. SMH. It’s routine to take c19 test before a livestream broadcast for all band and crew. Earlier I took 2 and one was positive the other neg in separate nostrils ?? We need to investigate these tests further. I want my $ back.”