Freeform Locs Are Only Dreadful To The Oppressors Of The Original Melanated Peoples Of Earth

Jason Williams, Founder of

I’ve had locs for about 10 years in total, two sets. My last set I cut about 6 months ago because I wanted to start over again, for a third time.

All this to say, I have experience with extremely long “nappy” hair and first hand experience in dealing with white america while in my freeform state. I can say with absolute certainty the more ‘free’ my hair got the more I noticed the cringes on caucazoid faces. From what I can see it’s a combination of fear, curiosity and jealousy. The unknown is scary to most people and for the most part ‘white folks’ know nothing about our hair.

Even though now many caucasians show how earthy they are by rockin’ dreadlocks, they still look at the black man and woman who have a healthy set of locs the same way a kid aspiring to be a pro ball player would look at Michael Jordan. They know our hair naturally locs and that they are merely imitating a clearly desirable human characteristic.

From my experience and conversations I’ve had with other ‘dreadheads’ its become clear that people with tamed locs are more accepted in mainstream America then people with freeform locs. I’m not saying people who twist their locs don’t experience resistance within the American framework, all I’m saying is America tends to reject the more natural locs or ‘natty dreads’ as some call them.

Why is this? Well, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing’s theory on the root of racism states that there is an inferiority complex at the core of the Caucasian collective consciousness due to a lack of melanin and awareness of having weak, non-dominant genetics.

If every aspect of the American system is based around this ‘inferiority complex’ then anything that exposes their genetic weaknesses will be scorned, immediately degraded, and not allowed.

To be able to grow locs in itself is a beautiful thing and a sign of dominance. Whether the hair is twisted or naturally loc’d it displays strength, boldness, security, wisdom and more. Although ‘all locs matter’, there is a different response from white America when it comes to freeform locs. When they see natural freeform locs – they see a self-loving, mentally-free black person. Free from the desire to appease caucasian’s standard of beauty and living.

This is a threat. Any black person in America who is not mentally ‘tamed’ by caucasians standards is a threat to the entire system. Why? If that free black mind were to enlighten others and create more free black minds then eventually the fragile ‘system of white supremacy’ would be exposed. The fear and ignorance that keeps so many Black people hopelessly dependent on their genetically recessive, neanderthal descendant former slave masters would be lifted. More and more black people would began to love themselves and see the true beauty of themselves that was hidden behind generations of racism, miseducation, trauma, and slavery.

So when they see black people with freeform locs, they see a proud original man or woman with dominant genes and potentially a strong knowledge of self. That is why they fear freeform locs.

Don’t be fooled black people, behind their racist jokes and disrespectful comments is a deep sense of inferiority and jealousy. They know we are naturally in tuned with the earth and the cosmos. They know our hair grows towards the sun like everything else in nature. They know we absorb energy from the sun like everything else in nature.

The sad part is, a lot of black people don’t know this about themselves and caucasians encourage this ignorance to appease their insecurities. However, when a black man or woman comes on the scene with black, bold, and beautiful natural locs caucasians are reminded of their non-supreme place in the universe and this shatters their false sense of superiority that’s been built into their entire existence. They know when they see those freeform locs they are looking at the original human, they know they are looking at God.

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