Centuries Of Oppression In America Has Created Armies Of Black Revolutionaries Who Fight For Justice, Freedom, And Equality

The power and pressure of this darkness is bringing forth a new light, a new universe of thought and reality.

Right before the process of child birth is complete, there is a period of much pain and suffering. It is a time where turbulence in the darkness is bringing a living thing into manifestation. It is violent, bloody and accompanied with many tears. Yet, after all of that, a beautiful new life is brought into the world.

That is how every single one of us came into this world. This process is relevant to our nature as human beings. Revolutions are born from a society being impregnated with injustices, violence, greed and misery.

Those oppressive societies have limited functionality within an oppressive system. Something has to give, either the oppressor or the oppressed. The same as the birthing process, the mother’s womb will not extend forever. Eventually the baby must be born or the mother will die.

Eventually, an oppressive regime will either cease all campaigns of tyranny, violence, and injustice or the oppressed will destroy the entire society out of pain, frustration and desperation.

Usually the oppressor never stops while they have the ability to do so. It is often the duty of the oppressed to create the change and the new standard for the society to strive for. Kind of like how a mother gives birth to a baby, the oppressed struggle to birth new ideas of justice and freedom that were developed in the dark and confining womb of subjugation and slavery.

The chaos we see everyday in our real lives, on our phones or our TV’s should only be troublesome to those who wish continue the oppression throughout the planet. To the oppressed, it should be a sign of a new beginning. It may not feel like that on an individual level, but if you step into a higher perspective and see the bigger picture the truth becomes clear.

All of this turmoil, stress and grief is not a sign of hopelessness. It’s a sign that the pressure is rising, that sooner or later something has to give.

Will it be the oppressed or the oppressor? Life or death? Righteousness or wickedness? Love or fear?

The oppressed fight for, with, and because of love. The oppressor oppresses out of fear. Love is a more powerful frequency than fear, it vibrates higher. When you love something, you protect it by any means necessary.

Like I said before, the oppressed bring forth the change. It is up to the oppressed to make the last few pushes, birthing a reality of justice and freedom in a world void of such miracles.

The shift is happening, stay woke.

Peace to all the Black Revolutionaries fighting for justice, freedom, equality, peace, power, and abundance for the all of the melanated minds in the universe.