Black People Have So Much Rhythm Because Neuromelanin Is Sensitive To Vibrations And Light

Melanin is the black, transmutable, life-bringing, multi-dimensional, super conductive substance that glazes the universe.

It’s also what makes black people “black” or various shades of brown and gives ‘melanated minds’ the ability to do extraordinary things.

Melanin is indeed magical. Dr. Laila Afrika explains, “Melanin is the biochemical substance that drives physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life.”

In addition to that, Melanin is what gives ‘melanated minds’ rhythm.

Basically, “Melanin literally conducts or carries information…“, and that’s how your body can create or maintain a rhythm with ease. Melanin’s sensitivity to light and vibration is what makes this cosmic harmony possible when we dance or are in tune with something.

Edward Bruce Bynum Ph.D, author of Dark Light Consciousness – Melanin, Serpant Power, and the Luminous Matrix of Reality says:

“In the biosphere of living organisms like us, this dark material is called eumelanin, phacomelanin, or allomelanin. As mentioned earlier, in our spine, brain stem, the intricate labyrinth of the brain core, and brain, this black neural material is called neuromelanin. It is highly sensitive to light, movement, and the shift of energy transformations from one state to another. It has a high iron content that makes it especially sensitive to weak but detectable influences of terrestrial magnetism…

Photo: Neuromelanin organelles and nueromelanin pigment in the human brain. (Zecca, 2008)

…Melanin and it’s capacity for the transduction of energy from vibration to sound are intimately involved in this process. In this process there are rangers above and below what is perceived by the human ear. All of this vibration still has an effect, whether it becomes conscious and audible to us, or – like much of it – remains subliminal and inaudible. Indeed, the whole world itself is vibration and sound and the ear is one of our sensory connections with the external world.”

Bynum goes on to explain that melanin not only impacts our ability to hear or sense vibrations, but it also helps us individually maintain balance in the universe.

Melanin found in the ear plays a major role in the musical genius of melanated minds. “Melanin is located primarily in the inner ear structures at the junctures where it influences both sound our sense of equilibrium. This is the complex vestibulocochlear system,” says Bynum.


In other words, ‘melanated minds’ are biologically predispositioned to be musical geniuses due to the increased ability to detect and interact with vibrations and light byway of high levels external and internal melanin, particularly in the brain and ears.

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