The Great Sphinx Represents The Higher Consciousness Of Man Being In Control Of His Own Animal Nature

The world class historian and author Anthony T. Browder explains the true name and meaning behind the so-called Great Sphinx of Giza, correctly called Heru-em-akhet, in a lecture from 1994 recorded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Browder explains that the head on the lions body represents the face of Heru, symbolically representing divine intellect or the supreme higher consciousness within man. The lion portion of the monument represents the animal nature or lower nature that exists within all men. We to this day often compare the worst of our human behaviors with the characteristics or behaviors of animals. The fact that the animal portion of the monument is in a calm and controlled state demonstrates the power of the higher consciousness within man. By tapping into your higher self and refining your own mind you can tame the beast within.

Full Video Of Anthony Browder Lecture

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