Walk Like A Champion: Maintaining A Low Self Esteem Will Attract The Worst Outcome In The Universe

Walk like a champion.

As a melanated mind it is critical to maintain a positive and constructive perspective of yourself. If you don’t, the law of attraction will become your enemy, rather than your friend.

On the surface it looks like more and more melanated minds are now finally “woke”, as they say. The works of our Master Teachers are being revived and melanated minds are striving to realize their true identities, as it was before the invasions of the colonizers.

However, this increase in collective awareness is not as substantial as it looks. In fact, being “woke” without having a balanced self-esteem and emotional intelligence is a recipe for disaster. You’re increase in knowledge will only make you more afraid of what your “enemy” is going to do. Your focus for learning becomes based around what “they” are going to do to you, whoever “they” is”. In the process, your subconscious mind reacts to this subservient and fearful mindset and reproduces those low mental vibrations into disastrous realities. Your life becomes a giant haunted house, terror and trauma around every corner.

Your physical body responds to the circumstance of your mind. If you have a negative perception towards your self you are literally telling the cells in your body to attack themselves. A bad attitude can kill you.

So how do you fix this? Knowledge of SELF.

Learn about the supreme circumstance of YOU. What is it that YOU can do? Who are YOU? How are YOU connected to everything in universe? The more you learn about yourself in a sincere and scientific way the more self value you acquire. You build a self-confidence and peace based around KNOWING yourself.

Why does this matter? The mind is like a magnet, or a black hole that you have control of. Whatever you truly believe, feel, and think you will attract and it will become manifest in the physical realm at some point in time. The energy from your continuous thought brings those things into existence. Whether they be positive or negative, good or bad.

The key is to build a perspective of yourself that attracts peace, power and abundance. Create your own mantras or other rituals to maintain a supreme perspective of yourself in the core of your consciousness. Every time a negative, weak, or poor thought creeps into your mind it must be eradicated at a terrific speed. Your peace, power, and abundance depends on it.

Knowledge is meant to empower, not devour. There’s nothing wrong with being aware of what “they” are doing, going to do, or going to try to do. However, you must be more aware of the power within yourself. Your focus shouldn’t be on what “they” are doing, but rather what YOU are going to do. What will you create? What will you manifest?

Stop thinking like a slave, walk like a champion, and start thinking like a True and Living God with an abundance mindset.