Social Media Programs Fear Into Your Mind Through Trauma, Repetition, And Symbols

Social media has become so seamlessly integrated with our lives many of us forget that those platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. – are meticulously constructed systems designs by mostly white men with the intention of harvesting our data to create tailored advertisements and to manipulate the social structure of the planet with a click of a button. Turning human beings into mind controlled zombies.

How is the mind programmed? Through trauma, repetition, and symbols.

A new documentary on Netflix called “The Social Dilemma” explains the sinister reality of social media’s impact in all areas of people activity. Jeff Orlowski and many others explained how social media is intentionally created to be addictive and that privacy breaches are not accidents or mistakes, but rather a desirable goal of the platforms.

Social media turns normal competent human beings into mind-controlled puppets oblivious to the psychological warfare waged against them. Day after day, minute after minute, systems powered by artificial intelligence strive to use our habits, personal traits, emotions, characteristics, likes and dislikes as a tool to generate wealth and power.

A blitzkrieg of subtle suggestions coupled with other techniques of mental manipulation weaved into the nature of the platforms gives social media companies the ability to play God.

The amount of data social media companies have about all of us is almost unfathomable, what they do with it is surely a crime against humanity. They know what we do, where we do it and why we do it because of their extensive data harvesting and intentional breaching of the privacy of everyday citizens. Most importantly they know how to change our minds about anything by using our own nature against ourselves over a period of time.

They can change how you feel about a presidential election, a religion, your children, your neighbors, your diet, your goals, and the list goes on. Through the power of suggestion, repetition, and manipulation of your emotional responses social media companies replace your natural mind processes with an unnatural and zombie-like system of thinking. The user becomes hopelessly dependent on the suggestions and directions of the virtual matrix (social media), leaving them completely unable to reason and rationalize for their self.

Those under the complete mind control of social media companies are nothing more than batteries for the matrix, fuel for the fire, food for the beast. Their thoughts are not their own. Their ideas are not their own. Their life journey is not unique, but rather a living experiment of the social media architects of this world.

This is particularly important for melanated minds to understand because social media is perhaps one of if not the most powerful tool of the system of white supremacy. It has created a global virtually reality, controlled by suspected white supremacists, that uses harvested human data calculated by artificial intelligence to manipulate people and social structures with the intention of maintaining a system of white supremacy.

Of course there are many positive and useful aspects to social media. As the hermetic wisdom goes, “All truths are but half truths”. There is a dual reality to all things, including social media. Many people who were once stuck in the 9 to 5 rat race now make a comfortable living off of leveraging the power of social media. Also the internet has made it possible for anyone around the world to learn about anything at anytime, almost anywhere. Social media in particular allows the entire planet to get up to date news and information in almost realtime. This type of access to information is unparalleled to any other time in human history.

There are certainly upsides to social media if used as a tool instead of like a reactionary lab rat anxiously foaming at the mouth every time a noise is made or a light goes on. Although there are benefits to social media it can never be overlooked that social media companies are not our friendly neighborhood networks. They aim for complete control of your mind, and of course where you spend your money.

Social media is not a harmless experience, it is psychological warfare. You will either use social media as a potential tool to use at your disposal, or become pathetically addicted to a virtual reality designed for your complete mental enslavement.

Are you the slave, or the master? The choice is yours.