Conscious Melanated Minds Observe As White America Falls Victim To It’s Own Violent And Barbaric Nature

We are witnessing the beginning of the end for the tragic system of white supremacy, which the great Dr. Frances Cress Welsing informed us is based on the fear of genetic annihilation by way of the melanated masses.

Caucasian peoples of America have grown apart from their initial unified goal of command, conquer, and colonize. In the 1600’s, the Europeans who came to America were on the same page for the most part. Their passionate disdain and hatred of melanated peoples unified them in their conquests and wars.

Now that there is no more land to steal, no more tombs to raid, no more artifacts to recover, no more gold mines to discover, no more melanated peoples to colonize, their unity has grown stale. As we have seen recently, people who proclaim to want to “make America great again” are attacking their own centers of operations. Violence, stand-offs, and riots are happening between the American caucasian population because the tragic system of white supremacy has not fulfilled its promises to its followers. The same way dogs in the backyard will fight amongst themselves when there’s not enough food to go around. The ravenous nature of the caucazoid has become the “Achilles’ heel” of the tragic system of white supremacy that has plagued the earth and its original peoples for quite some time.

As a melanated mind with knowledge of self it is your duty to remain emotionally unattached from their fight amongst themselves. Your focus should not be about what their next move might be. Your focus should be on what YOUR next move will be.

Think of the collective systems of America as a giant prison. The guards are fighting amongst themselves. The administration is fighting amongst themselves. Even the people financially invested in the prison are fighting amongst themselves. In the midst of the chaos, you find yourself in a cell block with unlocked doors and the chance of a lifetime to finally escape. Would you waste that precious time worrying about what the guards, the administration, and investors are fighting about? No. Your only focus would be on what actions you could take to immediately escape imprisonment from the diabolical prison you’ve been subjected to since birth.

Spending time comparing the responses between the Black Lives Matter protests and the Trump cult’s violent anarchy is folly. Of course caucasian domestic terrorists will get a pass while the tragic system of white supremacy is still functioning as the “law of the land”. This is not a new thing, and focusing intensely on that reality will only enforce thoughts of cowardice and helplessness in your own melanated mind. In other words, you cheat yourself by constantly saying “white people do whatever they want, but black people know better than to do something like that”. That is unproductive thinking.

Instead, try to be the observer. Analyze from a distance. You don’t have to pick one side or the other, or become emotionally involved in their fight. Use the information you acquire from your analysis to better develop a plan for self.

You need to be asking yourself, “How can I use this abundance of chaos energy to increase in peace, power, and abundance?”. Unfortunately, many melanated minds are still plugged into the Matrix, and are still hopelessly dependent upon the tragic system of white supremacy that has brought so much pain and suffering. For them, this disturbance in the force is the end of the world. When “massa’s” house burns to the ground, the slave mind feels their house is burning too.

To the rest of us, we are watching “America’s chickens coming home to roost” as Malcolm X once said. The barbaric and violent energy that manifested the tragic system of white supremacy is the same energy that will oust it into oblivion. This is the same concept of a massive star imploding in on itself after its fuel source is depleted, leaving behind a black hole.

If you choose to be involved with “their” fight you will, metaphysically speaking, be dragged into that black hole with them and their systems.

If you choose to remain a free thinking True and Living God of the Universe you will see the endless opportunities presented as the tragic system of white supremacy collapses on itself, leaving more room than ever for melanated minds to establish peace, power, and abundance in the infinitely expanding universe.