It’s Important For Black Women To Find Peace And Confidence In Their Supreme Circumstance

If you are a returning visitor to you should know this blog stresses the supreme circumstance of the Original Melanated Man and Woman. Unfortunately this information ends up boosting egos more than inducing a serious inner transformation. This leads us referring to ourselves as Gods and Goddesses but having no foundation of science to stand on.

For this particular article I would like to focus on Black Women, especially those whom lack confidence in their own supreme circumstance.

The only reason for this “lack” of confidence is because is because the real “Black Girl Magic” is not understood in its entirety. Black women are constantly bombarded with phrases like “Peace Melanated Nubian Queen Love Goddess” but few take the time to investigate the science behind that.

As a starting point, you should read “The Black Woman Is A Supreme Being And The Mother Of All Humanity” to get a basic foundation of the supreme circumstance of the Black Woman. Hopefully, this knowledge about being the ‘prime carriers of melanin’ or having the ‘Eve gene’ or being the ‘Mother of Humanity’ is doing more than making you feel good about yourself as a Black Woman. This information should empower to USE YOUR SUPREME CIRCUMSTANCE, and be the “Goddess” you claim to be.

Based on the Laws of Tehuti (The 7 Hermetic Principles) we know that “The Universe is mental, and the Mind is All.” In other words, the universe was created, is maintained, and expanded by the MIND. Who’s mind? Just as your personal mind governs your personal universe, there is also one mind that governs the “external” universe. That universal mind is the collective consciousness of melanated minds.

The Original Melanated Man and Woman are the physical manifestation of the universal melanated mind. Another way to explain this concept is, the mind of the Original Peoples of Earth is the very same mind that is the order and force behind the universe. Books like Michael Talbot’s “The Holographic Universe” explain thoroughly how the universe is nothing more than a mental projection of the mind.

The point I’m getting at is, the status of the universe is dependent upon how melanated minds think. If Black Women do not internalize knowledge of their supreme circumstance it can not manifest a greater reality in the universe. If Black Women can not find peace and equilibrium within themselves, there can be not peace and balance in the universe. If Black Women, the Mothers of Humanity, can not step into their circumstance then it leaves room for other less qualified beings to ‘pretend’ to be in charge.

Of course there may be many melanated women whom experienced various levels of trauma that may hinder the spiritual evolution, but this must be overcome. All vibrations of fear, doubt, and ignorance must be eradicated. You are not the underdog, you are the supreme feminine principle of the universe. As soon as you focus on extracting confidence from within to take control of your mind and become the creator rather than a fearful, reactionary cluster of emotions, the world will be forced to respect and appreciate the supreme circumstance of the Black Woman.

The key is not brag about how much melanin you have. The key is to USE all that melanin you have to create permanent changes in your mental world, which immediately impact the realties of the physical world. This is why it is important for Black Woman to have peace and confidence about their supreme circumstance. The universe and the future of humanity depends of the thoughts of the melanated mind, and the balance between it’s feminine and masculine principles. Just as the Black Man must step back into his “God” mind, the Black Woman must do the same in order to produce peace, power, and abundance in the infinitely expanding universe.

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