The Black Man Is The Macrocosm Of The Primordial A.T.O.M. – “Allah The Original Man”

The mind of the Original Man and Woman always was and always will be. The atom, the basic units of matter and the defining structure of elements, could be described as the foundation of the universe. Atoms are comprised of protons, neutrons, and electrons – which are made up of quarks and leptons. The Book of God – An Encyclopedia of Proof that the Black Man is God by Wesley Muhammad PhD explains in excruciating detail how the atom developed itself into the Original Man, which the ancient Egyptians referred to as Atum, and the modern Bible refers to as Adam:

It may be hard for most people to grasp the fact that this submicroscopic entity called the Atom is the root of God and Man. As we will see, however, this was understood perfectly by our ancestors.

The Atom, as discussed previously, is a “bundle of energy”. The Standard Dictionary defines the Atom as “a center of force, a phase of electrical phenomena, a center of energy active through its own internal make-up.” Though the Atom was believed to be the “basic building block” of all things, it is now known to be composed of several “sub-atomic” particles. In the nucleus of the Atom, which accounts for approximately 98% of its mass (as the Sun accounts for approximately 98% of the mass of the solar system), there is the positive proton and the neutron which has no charge. Revolving around the nucleus (as the planets revolve around the Sun, at least in Newtonian physics) are the negative electrons. The electrons travel at close to (but never at) the speed of light (186,000 m/sec.) around the nucleus. There are an unequal number of protons and electrons in the Atom giving it divine balance.”

Dr. Wesley Muhammad goes on to expound on the composition of protons, neutrons and electrons and how the Atoms are referred to as the 12 Sons of God in various religions. 

The proton, neutron, electron are themselves composed of smaller “a-toms” called quarks and leptons. Described as “balls of fire” and “points of congealed energy” these are actually thought to be the building blocks of matter. They are the manifestation of that original ‘force’ that existed in the universe before the ‘sparkling’ of the atom. That force became somehow polarized like electricity, producing the quark (positive) and lepton (negative). There are six types of quarks and six leptons. These twelve are the basis of all in existence.

…These twelve “a-toms” are known in religious language as the 12 Sons of God. They are the twelve great gods created by Brahma to assist him in the work of creation. They are also the twelve Tien-Hoang of China; the twelve Aesars of Scandinavia; and the twelve “sons born into the light” of the Bank Islands. The quarks never exist individually but as a unit of three called a hadron or occasionally as a unit of two called a meson. Thus, that Primordial Electrical Force formed the quarks and leptons, which formed the protons, neutrons and electrons. Brought together by Affinit Energy or Magnetic Energy (Power of Attraction), the sub-atomic particles formed the Atom.

Thus the word Atom is used as an acronym, referred to by Dr. Wesley Muhammad as Allah The Original Man.

After six trillion years, enough atoms and cells had formed and coalesced to form the macro-A.T.O.M., Allah The Original Man. The first Man in several traditions is therefore named Atom or some variation thereof. In Egypt, the Creator God Atum was also the first Man. In fact, George G.M. James, in his monumental Stolen Legacy, the “atom” of science was named by the Greeks after this Egyptian God-Man that evolved therefrom. He says the name Atum means “SELF-CREATED; EVERYTHING AND NOTHING; COMBINATION OF POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE PRINCIPLES; ALL-INCLUSIVENESS…THE ALL…” These of the course are all attributes of Allah The Original Man, the Self-Created All in All (Allah means ALL In ALL).”

The Original Man, The Black (Melanated) Man, metaphysically speaking, is a self-created conscious macrocosm of the primordial atoms which are the building blocks, or rather the foundation of all that exists in the universe. Also, please don’t confuse my use of the term “Man” as disregarding of the feminine circumstance. The Original Woman, The Black (Melanated) Woman maintains a supreme circumstance in the universe just as her masculine counterpart. The melanated mind which resides in the “hue-man” body is the foundation of the universe as the ancient wisdom of Tehuti reminds us that “The universe is MENTAL, and the mind is ALL.”