“Wake Up Neo”: The Illusionary Matrix Of The American Dream Is Experiencing A System Failure

Everything in the universe is bound to the law of cause and effect. Every cause, must have an effect. Every effect is the result of a cause. Wisdom from The Kyballion regarding the Law of cause and effect says “chance is but a name for Law not recognized.”

Keeping all that in mind, do you think the current devastation and suffering in Texas and the surrounding states due to mass power outages in the freezing cold is a phenomena of chance? According to Universal Law, it must be the effect of a cause. Just like the Healthcare system is collapsing, because it is the effect of a cause. Also, the educational system has failed and is continuing to fail in providing American students the tools necessary for becoming a successful and self-sustaining citizen – a result of a cause. Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear will acknowledge that the American police are none other than front-line soldiers for the tragic system of white supremacy and their genocidal tendencies towards melanated peoples is still, the result of a cause.

The series of unfortunate events that will continue to impact America and its citizens is the result of one major cause, the same cause of everything else, conceptions in the mind. Who is the mind behind America? I’m talking about the America that “spills” enough oil in the oceans to kill entire species of marine life. I’m talking about the America that will spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build a wall between American and Mexico, but leave it’s own citizens such as the people of Michigan without clean drinking water for years. I’m talking about the America that harvested it’s entire “starting wealth” from the labor and genius of melanated peoples around the world. It is none other than, Caucazoid ideals that created the current order and structure of the tragic system of white supremacy (also known as America) which are anti-nature, anti-human and completely non-holistic.

Not only that, the infrastructure of America is deteriorating because there is no profit in maintenance. The Caucazoids whom govern America do not respect human life or maintain a humane level of moral integrity. From their perspective, there is no “we got to make it”. There is only “I got to make it”. Or as Dr. Frances Cress Welsing called it “white genetic survival”. The accumulation of wealth and property is conducive to maintaining genetic survival. In other words, profits over everything. The ‘tragic system of white supremacy’ is so desperate to survive it has turned on its own kind, like a pack of hyenas fighting over a captured gazelle.

What else does this mean? The American Dream is an illusionary matrix sold to you by those whom wish to maintain genetic survival, your life (energy and attention) becomes the fuel source for their continued “supremacy”. The system is powered by your belief in it, not its actual value. There is no intrinsic value in an illusion, it is only a projection of an idea. Many are convinced that these “projections” are the real thing, and fall into the oblivion of ignorance, putting all of their faith and confidence in a society that turns human beings into slaves. Don’t go chasing waterfalls. When their projections matter, then comes disaster. Everything made in America might look the best on the outside but is absolutely terrible and diabolical on the inside. Everyone loves fast food, but it will kill you. Every country whom has adopted American cuisine has seen significant increases in obesity and other health related crisis. American hospitals look fancy and high-tech, but medical malpractice and pharmaceutical overdoses are some of the leading causes of death in America. America might be one of the most diverse and multicultural places on Planet Earth, but it is also the place where even more diverse and multicultural indigenous melanated peoples have experienced the most heinous and brutal atrocities at the hands of caucazoid colonizers. The real America is ugly, perverted, crooked, lies and illusions, schemes and broken dreams. This tainted infrastructure is decorated with entertainment and distraction in order to divert attention from what’s really going on.

Now the causes of the elite caucazoids have manifested effects that are beyond their control, the ‘Matrix’ is falling apart. The system can no longer keep the illusion up. The “deaf, dumb, and blind” can no longer rest in the security of America’s perpetual projections. Unfortunately, many people discover this realization the hard way. Such as many of the people in the south who’ve been abandoned by their city officials and government, left to freeze and starve in their own homes, now see that America cares more about taking their money than maintaining their human existence. Some of us already know this undeniable but fact but still find the foundation of our earthly experience based around the anti-nature, anti-human and non-holistic perspective of the caucazoid mind.

Every cause has an effect. As the illusions dissipate, the effects of the mental conceptions of the architects of America, or rather ‘the tragic system of white supremacy’, will manifest a hell on earth. At least for those who’ve found peace and happiness in the illusion. Everything America told you was yours, safe, secure, reliable – is not. As more realize this, the illusions will evaporate even faster. The problem comes when our mental foundation is still intimately connected to the collapsing system – and our ability to live intimately depends on the operational status of the ‘Matrix’, rather than the status within.

A new world is here. The ‘Matrix’ is experiencing a system failure. Those who’ve spent their time acquiring “light” rather than become mindless, subservient, and reactionary zombies will know what to do in times like these. True and Living Gods have a culture founded upon knowledge, wisdom, and understanding which is the key to peace, power, and abundance. Use your light to produce to freedom, justice, and equality in your reality and the universe. The melanated mind is the captain of the material world, not the servant. If you are one of those melanated minds that find themselves in a crisis of unusual proportions, like many in these times, remember that the fall of the material prison is the “first day out” for your soul. In other words, it will hurt like hell to lose the earthly circumstance you’ve worked so hard to attain but what is in you is greater than any earthly circumstance. As your dependence on the ‘Matrix’ shifts to a dependence on your own divine melanated mind you will see the True and Living God rise within yourself, free to consciously manipulate atoms and energies of the universe according to your will. You will become the supreme creator of causes, and champion of effects.

As the illusionary world we’ve come to know crumbles around us – due to the effects of a series of causes – and the masses maintain a perpetual panic, we must be still and know that “I AM GOD”. It is important for those of us whom call ourselves conscious to maintain a self-sustaining equilibrium of energy in motion (emotion) within in order to not fall victim to the sensual stimulation from the material world. Be the peace in the chaos, the calm in the storm. Rise above the consciousness of fear and see clear with your third eye. Use your knowledge and trust your instincts. Create, innovate, and manifest.