“The Universe Is Mental”: The Physical World Is A Virtual Reality Projected From The Mind

The Principle of Mentalism found in the wisdom of Hermes Trismegistus (known as Thoth in ancient Egypt) demonstrate that “The Universe is MENTAL, The Mind is ALL.” Many repeat this quote, or others like it, without even the slightest notion of what this means, and if it’s really even true. The reality is, ancient melanated minds such as those in Egypt whom mastered the Occult Sciences understood what we now call metaphysics and quantum physics. Meaning they acquired true knowledge of the nature of the physical world and the foundational quantum mental world beneath it.

The Principle of Mentalism as found in the Kybalion states, “THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental.”

The Kybalion goes on to expound briefly on the concept of mentalism: “This Principle embodies the truth that “All is Mind.” It explains that THE ALL (which is the Substantial Reality underlying all the outward manifestations and appearances which we know under the terms of “The Material Universe”; the “Phenomena of Life”; “Matter”; “Energy”; and, in short, all that is apparent to our material senses) is SPIRIT which in itself is UNKNOWABLE and UNDEFINABLE, but which may be considered and thought of as AN UNIVERSAL, INFINITE, LIVING MIND. It also explains that all the phenomenal world or universe is simply a Mental Creation of THE ALL, subject to the Laws of Created Things, and that the universe, as a whole, and in its parts or units, has its existence in the Mind of THE ALL, in which Mind we “live and move and have our being.” This Principle, by establishing the Mental Nature of the Universe, easily explains all of the varied mental and psychic phenomena that occupy such a large portion of the public attention, and which, without such explanation, are non-understandable and defy scientific treatment. An understanding of this great Hermetic Principle of Mentalism enables the individual to readily grasp the laws of the Mental Universe, and to apply the same to his well-being and advancement. The Hermetic Student is enabled to apply intelligently the great Mental Laws, instead of using them in a haphazard manner. With the Master-Key in his possession, the student may unlock the many doors of the mental and psychic temple of knowledge, and enter the same freely and intelligently. This Principle explains the true nature of “Energy,” “Power,” and “Matter,” and why and how all these are subordinate to the Mastery of Mind. One of the old Hermetic Masters wrote, long ages ago: “He who grasps the truth of the Mental Nature of the Universe is well advanced on The Path to Mastery.” And these words are as true today as at the time they were first written. Without this Master-Key, Mastery is impossible, and the student knocks in vain at the many doors of The Temple.

Some people view these types of Occult sciences as strictly theoretical, or blindly philosophical. Others steal the concepts of ancient melanated minds and create secret societies and organizations which strive to increase in power based on the supreme understandings of our ancestors. Nonetheless, the science of Mentalism is not pseudoscience. Upon an honest investigation into the nature of the physical universe it becomes clear there is deeper reality that created, maintains and expands the universe. This deeper reality is mental. The macrocosmic mind, (our collective consciousness), is the mind behind the larger substantial universe. While our microcosmic mind is what’s behind our personal reality within the larger substantial universe.

Here Are 10 Things That Demonstrate The Ancient Occult Sciences Align With Modern Quantum Physics, Confirming That The Universe Is A Mental Construct And The Mind Is The Foundation Of Reality:

  1. What is deemed as “The Mind of the ALL” by Occult Science is referred to as the Larger Consciousness System or Unified Field by Metaphysicians and Quantum Physicists. Religions refer to “The Mind of the ALL” as God.
  2. Science has proven that observation by a conscious mind causes the ever present quantum wave-functions of the underlying universe to collapse into particles with a definite state. In other words, the conscious mind creates the “physical” universe through observation and perceptual circumstance.
  3. Matter does not technically exist, only the appearance of matter exists. Therefore, consciousness maintains a supreme circumstance over matter because we KNOW consciousness exists. Consciousness is foundational and irreducible, while matter is secondary and reducible. Mind over matter.
  4. The entire universe is generated as an informational construct from the collective unconscious (“The Mind of the ALL” or Larger Consciousness System).
  5. Thoughts exist within the wave-function, a conscious superpositioned quantum circumstance, that is outside of space-time and behind the virtual reality we call the material world.
  6. Psychic phenomena such as Telepathy is possible due to information instantaneously transmitted by quantum entanglement.
  7. The mind and it’s infinite quantum entanglements are not in the body, at least not confined to it. If matter is an illusion, a matter of perception collapsing wave-functions into particles, then the body must also be apart of the illusion. We appear physical from our own perspective because we collapse our own wave-frequency and “quantum area of existence” into a definite particle (material) state. Thus, what we call a body is nothing more than a digital avatar produced by the observation and perception of our own mind.
  8. The supreme mathematics that are obvious within everything in the material universe emerge from quantum probabilities in the wave function beneath space-time (the mental realm), which in turn produce space-time geometries and patterns that appear to us as the golden ratio, correspondences, etc.
  9. Angels, Demons, and other “Supernatural Beings” are conscious agents that exist within space-time, without being “tied down” to a physical avatar.
  10. The macrocosmic “Mind of the ALL” is the entire collection of independent conscious agents that are perpetually engaged in a universersal state of quantum entanglements. Which is how “ALL is in THE ALL” and yet “THE ALL is in ALL”.