Self-Mastery Is A Marathon: Evolve Yourself By Mastering Your Energy And Maintaining A Supreme Mindset No Matter What Happens

Learning how to control your energy in motion (emotions) and maintain a supreme mindset is critical to self-evolution. You will never increase in power without being able to control how you emotionally respond to life’s situations or if you lose your attitude (and your circumstance as a supreme creator) every time adversity pops up.

Now I’m certain most of you reading this already know this on a surface level, but do you know the underlying science of how emotional intelligence and maintaining a constructive creative mindset are key elements to evolving yourself into a “True and Living God of the Universe”?

Well if you didn’t know, “you gon’ learn today!”.

Let’s begin. First off, why did I chose a photo of Nipsey Hussle with an article talking about the science of mastering energy and a supreme mindset? Nipsey Hussle was an excellent demonstration of someone who evolved himself through mastering his emotions and maintaining a constructive creative mindset. Also, most people who follow the articles on know who he is so it’s much easier for readers to relate to the concepts explained herein.

Moving on. What is the science of controlling energy in motion? What is energy in motion? Your energy in motion is your emotions. The direction, arrangement, velocity, and intensity of the energy in motion is produced by thought.

Why is it important to master your energy in motion? An inability to consciously direct your own energy will result in becoming a reactionary victim of external circumstmances, rather than a supreme creator that wills new realities into existence. Either the external world perpetually tells you what to think and feel, or you exercise your will upon the illusionary circumstance of the “real” world.

So let’s go back to Nipsey for a second. As he mentioned often in interviews, learning how to master his energy was crucial to his success and development. In achieving higher levels of emotional intelligence he was able to execute his will on the world despite the external circumstances. You can say that the mindset of someone like Nipsey Hussle can be described as a self-sustaining and infinitely expanding equilibrium of energy in motion. Always expanding. Always balanced. Always self-sustaining.

That is the metaphysical meaning behind neighborhood phrases like “Keep It G”, or “Stay Solid”, and “Never Fold”. They all mean the same thing: maintain your self-sustaining energy in motion and creative circumstance despite external pressures.

So what is a supreme mindset? A mindset that is in a continuous state of progressive evolution. A mindset that is always striving to acquire new relevant knowledge and consistently using that knowledge to build new realities. A mindset that is based around love, not fear. Where there is love, fear can not exist. A mindset that is proactive rather than reactive.

A supreme mindset always utilizes knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to modify undesirable realities into pleasant or desirable ones. Consciously re-arranging the atoms of the material world through a process of mental alchemy (thought/idea conception fueled by the will and the “energy in motion” of the self).

This is why it is important to master your energy and to maintain a supreme mindset. By doing so you can evolve yourself into a “True and Living God of the Universe” – which is someone who can maintain their infinitely expanding equilibrium of energy in motion while consciously manipulating atoms and energies of the universe at will to create desired results in the illusionary “physical” world.