The Hell Of Humanity: Your Immortal Soul Is Trapped In A Low-Vibratory Holographic Illusion We Call The Material World And The Human Body

In it’s proper context, the “Lucifer” that fell from heaven is the illuminated soul of the Original man falling from the high-vibratory circumstance of the spiritual/astral/mental realm into a crystalized material circumstance as a human.

Heaven is the mental circumstance. Hell is the “physical” circumstance.

It has been suggested by even the earliest civilizations whom studied occult sciences that becoming a human is not necessarily a “blessing”, but rather a wretched and repetitious condition that must be overcame and conquered. This means that we are alive to achieve a particular transformation of our own soul that would allow us keep up with the progressive evolution of everything in the universe. The transformation that must be achieved apparently is only possible while completely encapsulated by crystallized matter, like a child in a womb.

For the souls that never evolve, reincarnation is inevitable. The point is to graduate, not to repeat the same level over and over again. Think of it like staying in 5th grade for a 100,000 years.

Wether you realize it or not, one of the primary causes of your major frustrations is that you are in essence an immortal soul stuck in finite material prison called the human body within an even greater illusion known as the substantial universe. The real you is not the body, nor the brain, but rather the mind that controls the brain and body. So the real you is doing a “life sentence” in a human body.

To take a it step further. Science has proven that matter is not as “real” as we’d like to think. On a subatomic level things no longer appear solid. In fact, some scientists would say matter does exist, but rather the appearance of matter exists when observation collapses the interactive quantum wave function of the universe into a physical particle with a defined state. Once again confirming that your mind is the foundation of your body, not the other way around.

Looking at how children resist the limitations and boundaries of humanity should tell you that in the beginning our natural circumstance was to explore with freedom. Before being born as a human, our souls were not bound to a physical circumstance with countless boundaries and limitations. The circumstance of the ever present non-physical reality can be described a Universal Quantum Entanglement. So before we came here we could be in many places at the same and travel instantaneously from one place to another, utilizing Universal Quantum Entanglement like fish in the sea. Except the “sea” I’m talking about is not physical with a much higher vibratory circumstance.

So now as a human, under the illusion of the material world, we experiences the realities of mortality. We get old. We get hurt. We require maintenance. We have limitations. This is hell. To be an Infinite soul trapped in a crystalized “physical” reality is like being buried alive, conscious of your own encapsulation.

To be clear, I’m NOT suggesting that since “humanity is hell” people should go out and start committing suicide. That would be a waste because then you’d have to reincarnate all over again to achieve the necessary evolution to escape this material prison permanently.

What I am saying is that your primary priority should be to the evolution and transformation of your own soul, raising yourself to a high enough vibration to overcome the circumstance of humanity and graduate to a more supreme version of self. The ancient Egyptians said “keep your heart light as feather”. This means do not allow the illusionary material world to slow down the vibration of your mind by making your heart heavy with worries, doubts, fears, and attachments. Your vibrational circumstance upon the death of the human body determines whether your soul escapes the vacuum nature of the material world, (escaping earth’s magnetosphere) or get sucked back down to earth in a defined particle state. Do the knowledge. Do the work. Raise your vibration and evolve yourself.

You are down here for a reason, complete the mission and prepare for the next level of forever…