The “Dead” Are More Alive Than You Think Because Energy Never Dies, It Only Changes Form

Nothing in the Universe dies, it only changes forms or circumstance. Death is simply the end of one “season” and the beginning of another.

From the perspective that the “Universe is MENTAL, and The Mind is ALL” it becomes clear how the so-called “dead” are more alive than most people think. If you have not been introduced to the concept before feel free to read “The Universe Is Mental”: The Physical World Is A Virtual Reality Projected From The Mind found here on to get a basic understanding of Mentalism and the Holographic Universe.

The basic idea is, everything in the entire “physical” world is the effect of a mental cause. The mind is the foundation of everything in existence. The concept of a “Holographic Universe” or a “Mental Universe” was once assumed as pseudoscience by the general public, but it has been confirmed by scientists for quite some time now that the material world is not as “real” as it seems to be.

In the previous article, The Hell Of Humanity: Your Immortal Soul Is Trapped In A Low-Vibratory Holographic Illusion We Call The Material World And The Human Body, I said: “Science has proven that matter is not as “real” as we’d like to think. On a subatomic level things no longer appear solid. In fact, some scientists would say matter does exist, but rather the appearance of matter exists when observation collapses the interactive quantum wave function of the universe into a physical particle with a defined state. Once again confirming that your mind is the foundation of your body, not the other way around.” The mind maintains a supreme circumstance, and your mind is the consciousness of your soul.

What does this have to do with “dead” people? Well if the foundation of our reality is the mind, and the mind controls the brain/body, and the mind exists outside of the body, and the material world is an effect of the mental world, then the expiration of a physical body has nothing to do with the infinite circumstance of the soul within that body. In other words, the “death” of the human body is NOT the “death” of the soul.

The difference between the circumstance of the “dead” and the “living” is clear and simple to understand. One is an independent soul (a self-sustaining equilibrium of energy in motion aware of its own existence) whom is NOT encapsulated by a low-vibratory material prison, free to travel to and fro across the entire quantum universe. While the other is also an independent soul (a self-sustaining equilibrium of energy in motion aware of its own existence) whom is trapped within the gravitation of the material world, bound to the rules of matter. To make it even more clearer, the “dead” are souls not restricted to a physical body. While the “living” are souls restricted to a physical body.

The souls without a body can be contacted the same way you tune into your favorite radio station. Your frequency needs to be on a circumstance that contacts or attracts the particular soul you are trying to reach. Much easier said than done. Not only that, but if you don’t know what you’re doing you could certainly conjure up more than you bargained for.

Nonetheless, the point is, everything in the universe is in a constant state of change. That’s what death is, a change in form. From a personal perspective, something may seem “dead” to you if you can not identify the new change in form or even accept that change is inevitable. When you can adapt, go with the flow, the constant state of change can be appreciated rather than feared and rejected.

When loved ones transition into their new circumstance understand they are not gone, they exist in the non-physical reality, the astral realm, the mental plane. The amount of attention of energy you devote towards contacting and communicating with souls without bodies influences the ability of those souls to impact the physical world. In other words, your thoughts energize the ancestors.

Death is not the end, but rather the beginning of a new form and circumstance.

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